Friday , June 22, 2018

Strict monitoring of rented trucks pushed

OPPOSITION councilors want the executive department and the concerned offices to strictly monitor the performance of the 21 rented garbage trucks, as the Cebu City Government is spending public funds for it.

In a news conference yesterday, Councilor Joel Garganera showed photos of one of the garbage trucks owned by Pasajero Motors Corp. (Pamocor).

Based on the photo, the interior of the Isuzu Canter truck, with body number DT-13 and 0701-466229 plate number, is no longer in good condition. It was repainted with blue and yellow and its registration showed that it is a 2017 model.

Pamocor is the provider of the trucks rented by the City Government to solve the garbage problem.

Garganera said trucks should serve its purpose of running 24 hours a day to make sure funds were spent wisely.

“The DPS (Department of Public Services) don’t know how to monitor them. The volume of garbage has been increasing and we have been spending four or five times bigger than before,” he said.

For his part, Mayor Tomas Osmeña said that the private service provider was not required to provide the City with brand new trucks as long its running and its serving the City 24 hours.

If there are trucks that are not running, Osmeña said City will not be paying them.

Osmeña said they have people in the barangay who are monitoring the performance of the rented trucks and will report to the City if in case there are trucks that are not running.

Councilor Eduardo Rama Jr. said the City should pay the service provider by the tons of garbage they collected instead of paying on an hourly basis.

The City spends P504,000 rental per month or P16,800 per day. Since the City has leased 21 trucks, rental of this trucks will cost P10,584,000 for this month alone.

Rama said there are trucks for sale in the market at the price of P858,000.

“The City is spending P504,000 rental a month with free gasoline allowance and the loaders. In less than two months, the supplier will recover his investment,” he said.

The City has entered into contract with Pamocor for the leasing of trucks for three months.

Rama reiterated that it would be better if the City buys new trucks instead of renting.

As to the claims of the administration that trucks purchase during the previous administration were already dilapidated, Rama said it was due to the City’s failure to allocate enough funds for the maintenance.

Rama suggested that it will be better to outsource for maintenance of City-owned trucks.

But Osmeña said he did not change anything in the allocation for maintenance.

“How come the trucks we bought even before (former mayor Michael) Rama were still running? Most of them are running. Most of the trucks bought that are brand new are no longer running. What is the difference?” he said. (RVC)