Monday , June 25, 2018

Costanilla: Unifying Cebuano musicians

OBJECTIVE. To unite or unify then solidify all Cebu-based musicians. Sugboanong Musikero (SM) Margarito “Gitoy” Ornopia Jr. and his co-founders would always stress this point in response to queries as to why this club was founded last July. “Our main objective is to create a unified and strong group of local bands, singers and other entertainers based on the principle of helping each other in times of urgent need,” they would always emphasize.

ATTEMPTS. I recall there were previous attempts to organize a club of Cebu musicians and other performers but they all failed. There were plenty of factors why those attempts never succeeded, one of which was the unwillingness of some of its pioneering members to help the organizers create a genuine association that could have given them benefits. But in the case of SM, all of its founding officers and members are joining hands in establishing a strong club that they can lean on anytime. I believe that everything boils down to a credible leadership.

BLESSING. The club has recently opened its office-cum-recording studio that singing priest Fr. Jun Gutierrez has blessed. SM has also an official page and a website where its activities can be viewed by the public anytime. This is actually the first time that all homegrown talents are being gathered as one.

GENEROUS. Luckily, an Australia-based Cebuana whose generosity is beyond compare plays a major role in the creation and continuing growth of SM. Mhet Novabos whose love for music and local artists is immeasurable should be commended for such gesture.

THAILAND. Next Monday, I shall give you an update of my four-day Thailand vacation. (For comments, text 0932-277-8771)