Tuesday , April 24, 2018

Barrita: Collect trash first, cut cost later

CEBU City Councilor Eduardo Rama Jr., who used to head the city’s garbage program, said the cost of garbage collection in the city has increased.

It’s more glaring in the rental of garbage trucks which, he said, increased from P4,500 a day per truck in the previous administration to P16,800 a day per truck at present.

The city government should spare no expense in collecting the city’s trash. Otherwise, the country’s fourth richest city would stink.


Among the reasons cited for the hike in garbage collection cost was Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña’s insistence on renting trucks instead of buying them.

The city is leasing 11 dump trucks and 10 compactor trucks from Pasajero Motors Corp. at P700 per hour.

This is on top of the city’s contract with Jomara Konstruckt Corp. for dumping garbage at a private landfill in Consolacion town at P1,296 per ton.


Osmeña said the rental scheme would save the city repair and other maintenance costs.

“We are leasing per hour, so if one truck breaks down, the contractor should provide for a substitute,” he said.

The mayor said the city will pay only while the trucks are running. But who will keep watching these 21 trucks whether they’re running or not?


But it seems the mayor is only concerned on collecting the city’s trash, not its cost.

“We collect first, and then when it’s already effective, we’ll try to cut down the cost,” he said.

Is his garbage collection program a mere experiment?