Sunday , June 24, 2018

Hair care tips after Balayage

BALAYAGE, a hair coloring technique, has been a craze these days among women who want to experiment on a new look. And I am, actually, one of those.

For someone who has piano black hair, I wanted to find out how I would look if I finally opt for a lighter shade for my mane. So, I visited High Definition Salon along Quimpo Boulevard (just in front on Pan de Pugon). With the magic hands and expertise of Ariel Isod, I was able to have the hair color I have been dreaming of.

After four hours of treatment, my extra black mane is gone. It was already replaced with graduated, natural-looking blonde; the way I have always wanted it to be.

However, such process of highlighting the hair may pose a threat to the so-called crowning glory of the descendants of Eve. In fact, beauty hubs do not suggest hair rebonding after someone had a Balayage treatment.

Below are some hair care tips I have gathered to maintain the healthy glow of our blonde or brunette looks following a Balayage:

Limit washing the hair. Of the many sites I visited for tips, this is the most common recommendation. Accordingly, frequent washing (or use of shampoo) may damage the dyed hair, no matter what color we have. And if we had our hair bleached, the more we need to follow this advice.

Turn to dry shampoo, instead. Since it is not good to keep on washing our hair, dry shampoo is the answer for us to continuously look fresh. When applying dry shampoo, we have to ensure, though, that we are able to remove all the residue, or else, anyone might think that we are rich in dandruff. Haha! By the way, Etude House and Watsons are selling dry shampoo.

Make deep conditioning treatment a weekly habit. Bleaching can make the hair "ugly" if we do not know how to take care of our hair. Considering that it can make our hair dry and brittle, it is important that we use deep conditioner once or twice a week. In the local market, Pantene, Loreal and Neutrogena have one. We can also scour for other brands.

Avoid applying heat. Honestly, I am a fan of electric hair curler and iron. Since we just had Balayage, using these "beautification weapons" may greatly damage our crowning glory.

Heat protectant spray can be an armor. If we think that we cannot really avoid heat, then, we should use heat protectant spray before letting those electric appliances touch our hair.

Leave-on conditioner is another trick to follow. Once we had our hair bleached and dyed, there is a huge chance it will get super dry and brittle. To fight this, we need to apply leave-on conditioner when we come out of a shower and before running a comb through it.

Did I say heat? Well, that includes the sun. If it is unavoidable to go out, we can spray something that protects our hair from the UV rays. We can also use a hat to cover our entire head to help keep the natural moisture of our hair.

These are only few of the many ways we can protect our bleached and dyed hair. If you have some more there, please share them with me.

Meanwhile, to experience a satisfying Balayage treatment, you may visit HD Salon on Quimpo Boulevard Avenue. It is a sister company of Pink and Gold Salon along Roxas Avenue and Lanang. You may follow them on Facebook: High Definition Salon, or reach them at mobile number 0921-0629882.


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