Tuesday , June 19, 2018

Davao City to Aeon: Put down crane

THE City Government of Davao is set to explore all legal remedies in case the developer of the Aeon Towers will not remove the boom crane that is posing a threat to airplanes landing at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport.

Davao City Assistant City Administrator lawyer Tristan Dwight Domingo said the city is now waiting for the developers of Aeon, the FTC Group of Companies Corp., to fulfill its promise.

“The City Government already instructed the owners and the contractors of Aeon to remove the crane immediately, so if they will not comply within a few days, the City Government will explore all legal remedies we have under the law,” Domingo said in an interview yesterday after the weekly flag ceremony at City Hall Grounds.

Domingo said that the developer is given five days starting last week to remove the boom equipment.

“That expires this week,” he added.

He added that while the order for immediate removal was issued; the developer informed that they would need a few days to remove the equipment.

Domingo said that based on the report of Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, the height of the building was approved but it’s the boom equipment that poses problems with the landing of airplanes to the Davao Airport.

Based on reports from Philippine News Agency, CAAP has sought the city government’s intervention on the issue since the developer of Aeon Tower did not remove the boom equipment despite their advisory given a month ago.

CAAP Officer-in-Charge Hector Nabua, in the same report said that the boom or crane is obstructing the landing path of runway 5 of the airport.

In the same report, Nabua said that the building height passed the CAAP height clearance but when the developer set up the boom equipment it already exceeded the allowed height. The boom equipment alone is estimated at 13 meters in height.

According to Nabua, the boom equipment is detected by the aircraft’s sensors and alarm forcing an abort landing or miss approach. Nabua explained that approaching the runway 5 passes over Mamay area.

With this problem, CAAP closed runway 5 for all pilots approaching DIA because of the obstruction.

All pilots were then directed to land through runway 2 and 3 (over Panacan area).

Nabua said CAAP negotiated with the developers but they only moved the equipment horizontally to clear the landing path.

Nabua said that moving the equipment will not solve the problem.

He said that time will come that they will need to open the runway 5 as the wind changes direction.

Runway 2 and 3 is okay now because the wind is favorable for landing, Nabua said.

He said if airplanes land with the wind the tendency is they are pushed more causing to overrun the runway.

“This is a safety hazard,” Nabua said.

Aeon has not come out with any statement with regards this issue. (With PNA)