Sunday , May 27, 2018

Winning bets proclaimed, mandatory training for new SK officials set

ALL winning candidates of the May 14 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections in Negros Occidental, including Bacolod City, have already been proclaimed.

The newly-elected SK officials are mandated by law to undergo training and orientation conducted by the Department of the Interior and Government (DILG) before they can assume office.

It is set on May 17 to 26 at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, and Carlos Hilado Memorial State College in Alijis, Binalbagan, Fortune Towne, and Talisay City campuses.

Provincial Election Supervisor Jessie Suarez said that on election day, only one barangay in Manapla has not made the proclamation but they were able to do it yesterday, May 15.

Despite the reported massive vote buying, missing names of the voters, the election was generally peaceful, Suarez said.

He also said that those who served during the election, mostly teachers, have already received their honorarium starting Tuesday, May 15.

Each polling center was served by a chairman who will receive an honorarium and transportation allowance of P7,000, a poll clerk and a member who will receive P6,000 each.

In Bacolod, City Election Registrar Mavil Majarucon-Sia said Tuesday, that the proclamation of the barangay captains and kagawads were held in various polling precincts in the 61 barangays.

She said some of the SK candidates were also proclaimed.

However, there were some youth bets who were not proclaimed because they were tied in the results, like aspirants Blessy Go, and Charise Tayapao in Barangay 26.

Majarucon-Sia, Comelec will hold a coin toss on Monday, May 21 to break the tie.

Coin tossing is only one form of drawing lots, which is allowed by the law.

Unofficial reports showed that the winning candidates for barangay captains are:

• Barangay 1- Cesar Rellos Jr.

• Barangay 2- Imelda Banguanga

• Barangay 3- Leonedas Asan

• Barangay 4- Antonio Ongsingco

• Barangay 5- Raymundo Salaveria

• Barangay 6-Rudy Baydo

• Barangay 7- Elsie Sibug

• Barangay 8- Joanna Magalona

• Barangay 9- Ronnie Serrano

• Barangay 10- Dexter Yap

• Barangay 11- Evelyn Taasan

• Barangay 12- Marcelo Uberas

• Barangay 13- Franklin Andre Familiaran

• Barangay 14- Carl John Magno

• Barangay 15- Anthony Loth Ayco

• Barangay 16- Nelson Ligaya Jr.

• Barangay 17- Rogelio Babiania

• Barangay 18- Madeline Diaz

• Barangay 19- Jim Piramo

• Barangay 20- Edward Ye

• Barangay 21- Felipe Rife

• Barangay 22- Diosdado Mayo

• Barangay 23- Wenceslao Parlan

• Barangay 24- Leif Gregory Ledesma

• Barangay 25- Joseph Anthony Ortillo

• Barangay 26- Jhun Mharvy Orola

• Barangay 27- Freeman Madalag

• Barangay 28- Jun Mark Carpio

• Barangay 29- Edner Gigie

• Barangay 30- John Mark Petierre

• Barangay 31- German Bullolaza

• Barangay 32- Ernesto Yap

• Barangay 33- John Malaya

• Barangay 34- Teodoro Yulo

• Barangay 35-Jboy Miranda

• Barangay 36- Joemarie Biasca

• Barangay 37- Adrian Garrucho

• Barangay 38- Gener Agpalo

• Barangay 39- Jude Salusada

• Barangay 40- Elmer Villanueva

• Barangay 41- Salvacion Penuela

• Barangay Alijis- Diogracias de la Vega

• Barangay Alangilan- Degie Tanista

• Barangay Banago- Ricky Mijares Jr.

• Barangay Estefania- Jerry Tingson

• Barangay Bata- Angelito Abaring

• Barangay Cabug- Juan Zonuel Malayang

• Barangay Felisa- Ramon Jardin

• Barangay Granada- Alfredo Talimodao Jr.

• Barangay Handumanan- Ricardo Danoy

• Barangay Mandalagan- Arturo Parreño

• Barangay Mansilingan- Rodolfo Pico

• Barangay Montevista- Glo-Ann Tambasin

• Barangay Pahanocoy- Yolanda Noble

• Barangay Punta Taytay- Leah Palma

• Barangay Singcang-Airport- Rosinie Distrito

• Barangay Sum-ag- Rodney Carmona

• Barangay Taculing- Lady Gles Gonzales

• Barangay Tangub- Noli Villarosa

• Barangay Villamonte- Rommel Flores

• Barangay Vista Alegre- Jose Maria Leonardo Norberto de Leon.

Majarucon-Sia said the terms of the new village, and youth council officials will start on June 30.

If there will be a protest against winning candidates, Majarucon-Sia said, they can file a complaint in court, and not in Comelec.

“The barangay, and SK elections were generally peaceful, except on the slow of the canvassing and counting because of the SK,” she said.

She added the ballot boxes were already returned at the Bacolod Arts and Youth Sports Center (Bays Center), and it will be kept by the City Treasurer’s Office.

Meanwhile, Majarucon-Sia said she still needs to counter check the cash cards for teachers before it will be released to them.

“I already talked to them to give us time to counter check their cash cards to ensure that it’s not empty,” she said.

Comelec has a total of 2,800 teachers who served as members of Electoral Board and Barangay Board of Canvassers in Bacolod.

The SK elected officials who will fail to attend the training on scheduled dates shall be a grounded for disqualification.

The training aims to prepare the elected officials for their post.

Among the topics included in the training are decentralization and local governance; history of the SK and the SK Reform Act; meetings and resolutions; planning and budgeting; and Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.