Thursday , April 26, 2018

Talk to Papa Joe: Makig-annul

DEAR Papa Joe,

I am Frank, minyo ug adunay anak, nga upat ka buwan na ang edad. I am married for 4 years now. The challenges in our married life started way back 2 years ago, and its more on financial concerns. I worked and tried to saved my hard earned money by working outside the country. Almost all of my salary was sent to my wife’s bank account. I tried to save the percentage that was left so that in times that I needed to go home, I could buy a present for them.

The first vacation that I had, we tried to invest by constructing our own house in the province, then few months after I came back abroad, we agreed to buy a unit in one of the low cost housing projects in Cebu city. After two years of working abroad, I decided to stop and focus on local jobs because I noticed that her bank account was always empty everytime I come home. I want her to understand that toiling under the sun far from the land you were born is not easy.

Almost a year of working here in Cebu, I found out that she has friends who tried to pay their debts and it didn’t happen once. I tried to squeeze my earnings to sustain the needs of my family. I am fed up of her already. Now I want to file for an annulment. Even with this decision, my support for my child will still be constant.

Yes, I found somebody who comforted me with my problems.Do you think it is possible for me to file an annulment? Please advise me, Papa Joe.



Wow! Nosebleed ko ha. Well, it’s your prerogative to decide what is good for yourself if you think you are no longer happy. As long as it is accompanied with grounds for annulment, okay ra na. As much as possible you should fix first the problem rather than having someone that could lead more serious problem or complications.

But if you are really decided, it is time for you to consult a lawyer for proper actions and weigh things also if your action is beneficial to everybody. You should scrutinize the situation first before ka mo decide para walay mahay. Kana lang.

Thank you.


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