Tuesday , May 22, 2018

Ciar: Oh my divine!

HOW'S life after Pinoy Big Brother?

Great! I got to meet more friends and like I’m getting a lot of attention everywhere.

Some of your ex-housemates are now having regular shows in ABS-CBN, what about you?

I haven’t got any projects, guestings lang like “Wansapantym.” But it’s just fine because I’m actually very nervous when it comes to acting and everything in Tagalog (laughs).

You mean, you refused to accept pro­jects because you have problems in speaking Tagalog?

No, I don’t refuse them. I think the director is having a hard time so they want me to undergo Tagalog lessons first. But I don’t mind at all cuz I also want to focus on my music.

What’s your music?

I write songs similar to Chris Brown stuff. Hopefully, I can make an album next year.

I have lyrics but I’m having a hard time putting them into music. That’s my problem, that’s why I need help. I play drums and a little with guitar.

What’s the message of your songs?

Most of my lyrics are about heartbreaks.

Cuz when I’m depressed that’s when I write a lot.

How many times you’ve been heartbroken?

Probably twice, the really bad ones.

How are you and your girlfriend, Mikhaela Gregory?

Getting stronger. We’ve been on for one year and four months. She used to work in Bigfoot. That’s how we met. She’s actually a choreographer and one of the finalists in 2010 “So You Think You Can Dance” contest in Australia. She has now a group, the Gaga Dancers, who dance in Game n’ Go on TV5.

Is it true you find your life boring that’s why you joined PBB?

It was not necessarily boring. I think I needed a change and PBB was something I find it exciting. I just want to experience new things.

(Ang iyang Mommy Charlita nitug-an dihang ako ning nahinabi nga siya ang namugos ni Divine nga moapil sa PBB kay sige lang kuno nig laag ug inom. Nagpasalamat nig dako nga nakatabang ang maong reality show aron mabag-o ang iyang anak.)

Do you still go to school?

I stopped when I was 17. I had six months left from my I.B., International Baccalaureate. It’s a long story. But I left to get my tattoo license. My mom was so angry at me when I decided to quit my study.

Do you know that your mom used to work before both in Gaisano Main and Lighthouse Restaurant?

She told me about that when I was still very young. My mom worked in Lighthouse Restaurant in Country Mall and she said that’s how she met my dad. I’m happy cuz had she not worked there, I wouldn’t have been born.

(Matod ni Mommy Charlita nga nagtrabaho siya sa Gaisano Main 1984 ug pag-1985 sa Lighthouse-Country Mall branch. Apan pagkahuman niyag panganak ni Kimberly, 23 ug Divine, 21, didto na sila nagbase sa abroad. Pero niadtong 2009 nakadisidir sila nga mamalik og puyo sa Cebu.)

Divine, do you speak Bisaya?

No, but kasabot ko. I was born in Cebu but I grew up mostly in Thailand. I was also able to live for some time in England, Vietnam, Singapore and San Francisco because of my dad’s work.

Does your dad still own Maitland-Smith furniture company?

Yeah. Ever since when he’s still 21.

(Apan giklaro ni Mommy Charlita nga gibaligya na sa iyang British husband ang Maitland Smith sa Mactan niadtong `80s pa. Gipanag-iya hinuon gihapon nila ang Maitland-Smith sa ubang nasud sama sa Vietnam, diin tua karon nagbase si Paul Maitland-Smith. Ang iyang kinamaguwangan nga si Kimberly gradwado sa kursong Fashion Design sa California apan wa ni planong mag-showbiz kay matod pa niya “I’m more of a private person.”)  
What other things that inspire you?

Art pieces. I designed tattoos, such as the one that I made recently for Matteo Guidicelli, for my sister Kimberly, and this one in my arm: “What is meant to be will always be.” It’s like faith and destiny. That’s why I think music is the best way to go.