Thursday , June 21, 2018

Mendoza: He ‘don’t’ like me to write about boxing

THE letter below is unexpurgated.

“Good Evening,

“I read your article (03/05/13) and I’m sorry to say it was extremely biased and borderline prejudice against Mexican fighters. It’s evident your a die hard Pacquiao fan and this has clouded your judgment. When Marquez went to the Phillipines he was merely expressing his opinion when asked if he thought he won the fights. when Pacquiao has done press in Mexico and the U.S he has always said he won the fights as well. You seem to ignore that in your ‘article’ and I would suggest you dont write about boxing anymore because you obviously can not be fair in your assessments. Stick to the facts and don’t let you pride get in the way in the future.

By the way I am not Mexican, but i have great respect for all three fighters and don’t think banning people from a country merely for expressing there opinions is a very logical thing to say.

Best regards,

Luis (Rodriguez)”

* * *

I said I didn’t like Marco Antonio Barrera telling the Cebuanos, most especially Michael Aldeguer, Barrera’s most gracious host, that Barrera’s fellow Mexican Moises Fuentes “was robbed of victory.”

And I insist Barrera insulted his host and for that, he owes Aldeguer an apology.

If Mr. Rodriguez found my Barrera piece not “very logical,” fine by me.

But in that column, my last sentence was, “May I suggest we stop inviting Marquez and Barrera back to our country?”

The column’s title mentioning about “a ban” was a mere aperitif. The main course the column said it all.

At any rate, what’s wrong with not re-inviting Barrera and Marquez back to our shores?

You have a pair of rude guests that you have fed with C N T lechon and Bisayang manok, if not sutokil, and you still have the appetite to offer them a second serving?

If that’s not downright stupidity, what is?

Mr. Rodriguez also tells me that I “dont write about boxing anymore…”

Thank you, Sir, but it is people like you that makes me want to write more about boxing—and boxing’s nincompoops, too.

You say you’re not Mexican? It “dont” matter. I still wish I could buy you burrito. My favorite.