Wednesday , June 20, 2018

Happy cold break

WHAT sounds inviting after sweating tubs after releasing some hawksbill turtle hatchlings and touring a mangrove park? Halo-halo.

And my hatchling release cum mangrove tour host, Ross, had a place in mind (believing I had all the time in the world. Joke!)

The name is “Tatang’s” and it’s at Casa Maria, that two storey vintage-house-looking (although just maybe a decade old) building along Ecoland West Drive (beside Genesis 888). Casa Maria used to be just a function place (and my friends and I still remember how we as one HUGE group with the mayor after a long night taping his program accidentally gatecrashed a debut party there thinking it was a restaurant that was opened late.

That was a night never to be forgotten, and how a former professional singer turned media executive had to sing to the party guests as payment for our unexpected arrival. Ulaw. *Cringe*).

Anyway, it now has a snack stop.

Ross got the halo-halo with everything – milk and ice cream included. I had to make do without milk and ice cream (bad for the tummy).

“Unsa ma’y lami isagol sa halo-halo?” Ross asked the waiter.

“Palabok, sir!”


We definitely didn’t expect that combination, still, that’s what the waiter said, and so that is what we will try.

In fairness, the palabok is good.

The halo-halo sweet stuff just tastes too sweet for me.

Aside from the palabok, we also got an ensaymada each.

Pretty good. Nothing to really rave and dance about, just good. A perfect break from a hot and humid day.