Sunday , June 24, 2018

Seares: Could JVR just be a one-termer?

DURING most of the first half of his term, Talisay City Mayor Johnny de los Reyes had been getting a fairly good press.

Not because of any obligatory honeymoon with media but more from an unsought, collective kindness for a brash newcomer who defeated a well-entrenched politico: a David striking down a Goliath, the rallying symbol of the small guy trumping the giant.

The virgin mayor deserved room for errors and slips as he navigated the maze of bureaucracy and governance. Few media criticisms were hurled; punches were held by opinion makers; news reporting had been mostly fair. Or so it appeared then.

Yet as JVR started for the final stretch, one year and a half or less before the next elections, the fumbles haven't decreased and complaints have piled up.
Many Talisaynons and even those not residing in that city but have watched JVR are asking: How could he waste his tenure so needlessly?

He seems unable to go over the humps that every administration inevitably meets. Mere day-to-day operation has consistently been spooked by bungling and controversy.

JVR blames his vice mayor and other political enemies. But if JVR looks at other LGUs where the opposition keeps harassing the chief executive until he'd keel over, the Talisay mayor should know that roadblocks are pretty much part of the terrain.

A waste

JVR just has to show better knack at pushing his programs despite the opposition instead of showing helplessness by whining, carping and challenging critics to a debate.

What a waste if JVR would need all his tenured three years to learn the know-how of being mayor but then wouldn't win a new term to use that skill.