Monday , May 28, 2018

Quijano: A done deal

NOW that it’s finally happening, the cesspool of emotions that have percolated within me is getting its long awaited release.

In the end, it was all about Floyd Mayweather making the announcement first and we can perhaps speculate that this was already a done deal a week ago, but Floyd was given the exclusive option to break the news.

Unfortunately for him though, a couple of hours earlier, TMZ was at it again and beat him to it. Apparently undaunted by its previous gaffe when it announced the fight prematurely, TMZ revealed that its sources had confirmed the fight was on for May 2.

Now, that’s a bad omen for Floyd, guys. Even at this stage of the proceedings, Floyd already got beaten to the punch.

TICKET PRICES. For those of you planning to go, here’s the lowdown. As of this writing, based on, the cheapest available seat is priced at $5,005 each for section 209 Row L, Zone G.

That’s the farthest row from the ring, based on the MGM Grand Garden Arena Seating Chart.

If you have the moolah though, you might want to get closer to the A-list celebrities and treat yourself to a ticket at Zone B.
Hurry, because of this writing there are only four left. Anyway, nowadays it’s easy to get a mortgage on your house so you can afford to pay the $25,025 tag. And don’t forget to bring all your friends too so you can take wefies instead of selfies.

RICHEST. This will undoubtedly be the richest fight in boxing history with Floyd getting the lion’s share. He is expected to earn at least $120, million while Pacquiao will get at least $80 million.

The pay per view price tag is expected to be at least $75 per pop, and this will ensure more revenue for these two protagonists.
But will it be worth it?

Yes, of course. While this fight should have been made as early as four years ago when both fighters were still at their peaks, a fight of this magnitude is still worth watching even at this late stage of their careers.

Consider that at age 37 Floyd is still the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. He remains undefeated. And while the wide chasm that used to separate him from the rest of the contenders may have narrowed a bit, he is still good enough to beat young lions like Saul Alvarez and Marcos Maidana.

Pacquiao at 36 is still a force of nature. While he may not be the whirling dervish that flummoxed the likes of Eric Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera with punches in bunches, he handily repulsed the challenge of top- tier fighters Timothy Bradley and Brandon Rios.

This is a match featuring the best offensive fighter against the best defensive practitioner in the sport. Manny will go all out and unleash furious combinations. Floyd will try to get out of harm’s way, dodging and clinching when needed before trying to counter.
This is speed vs. speed. Both Floyd and Manny are fast, with comparable hand speed. Perhaps the one with even the slightest advantage will win this fight.

Manny has power, but Floyd is also deceptively strong. Remember when Victor Ortiz took his eyes off the ball and briefly left himself unguarded? All that Floyd needed was a quick two- punch combo to knock him out.

Stamina? Floyd hardly gets tired and likes to run marathons around the ring. Manny is a beast and it is rumored that only lovely wife Jinkee can make him start breathing hard.

The best part?The fans, of course. Both of these fighters are deified by a multitude of followers numbering millions, most of them loyal to a fault.This early, most of the fighting has erupted in the social media by loyal, rabid fans.
So it’s about damn time. Finally.

LAST ROUNDS. Are on Atty. Astrox Canama, Weng Binolirao, Hazel D. Pantaleon , and my kumara Tetchie Zosa Tan who recently celebrated their birthdays. Cheers!