Thursday , May 24, 2018

Padilla: Seriously?

SERIOUSLY? My eyes have hurt from so much rolling that this is now my favorite expression. I have also been afraid that I might roll my eyeballs to the back of my cranium with all the incredulous stories that I have come across.

In recent news, I have read about plans of several groups to file a class suit against Digong and the current administration for the war in Marawi. In a nutshell, the destruction of properties and loss of lives the group blames entirely on Digong and not on the Mautes who have been peddling terrorism even among the young, illiterate Moros. They assert that the war could have been avoided if there were talks (like the other repeatedly blotched talks?) between the government and the Mautes. Sane, right?

It brings me back to that earlier criticism of the air strikes saying that these should have been more precise so as not to harm the civilians or those still holed up in their houses in the war zone. Like Dota? Now, if we only asked the Mautes to don fluorescent hats or paint red dots on their foreheads like we would identify chicken asado siopao at 7/11 that would have been greater.

No one glorifies any war but the armchair analysis of some self-proclaimed geniuses sometimes merit an extended eye roll and a loud ‘seriously’?

Then that suggestion that jeepneys in Davao City should not be phased out nor the ownership of private vehicles not be controlled. Despite that, some still insist that the government should and must find ways to improve and provide efficient public transport. Probably constructing more highways in the sky? Beam me up, Scottie?

If you are also a fan of beauty pageants, you might have heard of the recent controversial stint the Miss Earth pageant pulled off. In the guise of empowering women, beauty contests have swimsuit competitions to show women’s beautiful bodies in proportions dictated to fit in skimpy two-piece bikinis that once can pack in medium-sized Ziplocks. I’ve long wanted to ask Oprah whether she feels empowered even if she does not have the 34-24-34 figure. But Miss Earth 2017 just topped the eye-rolling contest when it paraded the candidates in their two-pieces with a burqa covering their heads. Pageant organizer said, it was ‘part of their criteria’. Yup, seriously.

What about Trillanes who said he supported Digong at first because he didn’t know then how ‘corrupt’ Digong was? Then Mayor Inday Sara asked him if he were born yesterday because Digong has been a mayor for the past 22 years. Tail still wagging, Trillanes travelled abroad to preach about the impunity of Digong in front of OFWs and those who have denounced Philippine citizenship or waiting to be given the ‘green card’. @#%*<>:!!!!

Then of course, there’s Mocha Uson, whom Philip Lustre has labeled as having ‘monumental ignorance.’ Mocha has requested her PCOO boss to investigate and sanction staff who uploaded a photograph without permission from Rappler. The said photo by Bobby Lagsa was taken before Marawi City was pounded to pieces. Her caption that read “Grabe naman ang bilis kumilos ng gobyerno” was therefore misleading as the same spot was already beyond recognition and the army has even cleared the said area. In defense, Mocha took down the picture, blamed an unknown staff, filed a complaint, and accused Rappler of bloating the issue because “no one really engages with the blog.” She can really be entertaining but I’d rather that my hard earned taxes go to people who take communication work seriously and not ‘symbolically’. Seriously.