Thursday , June 21, 2018

Inflatable mountains seize the shores of Philippines

AQUA Play Parks, a specialized manufacturer of inflatable play structures and obstacle courses has entered the Philippines and is committed to providing Filipinos with the ultimate WOW (world of water) experiences for beach resort clients and their guests.

Aqua Play Parks builds giant mountainous play structures to the industry’s highest quality and safety standards. Peter Appleton, founder and designer since 1988 is a Canadian national with more than 29 years of expertise in designing and building amazing custom inflatables, never seen before across the globe. Mr. Appleton leads an entire team of skilled people from Aqua Play Parks in the Philippines and has chosen here to showcase his incredible designs.

He commented: “Philippines is achieving solid growth in the beach resort industry, like the strong projected growth of the middle class, and add to the fact that Philippines has over 7000 islands and beach frontages, it’s perfect! I can now prepare my painters palette to colour in my newest and latest designs. He continued, “growth here will still relay on effective strategies by teaming up with clients to expand market share so that guest satisfaction is enhanced to the ultimate level.

Aqua Play Parks is operating out of Hong Kong to address the needs of the ASEAN Market place and has a strong record of success in overseeing businesses in Water Park and fun resorts in the UK, Korea, Australia and Philippines.

Peter went on to say, “our vision for the future is to see the world's largest inflatable water parks installed on locations across the globe. Currently, we are installing the biggest aqua play water park in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, which is set to make a huge splash, opening in November this year. Another is in construction for Lucena, Batangas for January 2018 with more to follow.”

“Product, service and guest experience are three pillars that I believe makes good experience into an excellent one.” He continued, “to really be able to anticipate what our guest expects from his experience, we will consistently deliver above and beyond those expectations. And by recognising each individual guests’ satisfaction and response, one by one is what makes this industry so interesting and challenging for me” said Peter.

Peter went on to describe the process of building a brand-new water park from scratch, to which he stated was a huge undertaking. “It all starts with a team of designers that understand body movements and flow thereby having the guest experience their spills and thrills without injury, which is the key!” “Only now we can begin to piece it together.” He emphasized.

“The phenomenal growth of new attractions in Asia has the worldwide industry buzzing with excitement. Development on the continent is unprecedented, and it’s easily the industry’s fastest-growing region on Earth. Thus, some of the industry’s largest and most-renowned companies are either currently constructing major attraction projects in Asia or have announced their intention to do so” said Peter. He sees significant positive effects resulting from this influx.

Peter received his International Business Studies from the Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. (PR)