Saturday , June 23, 2018

'Family buys' this Christmas

CHRISTMAS is a season of family gatherings and most of the time family heads, parents, make most of their bonuses to buy essential things that the whole family can enjoy.

During Christmas, sale is usually the best time to buy the things they want, but what do family really want to own during Christmas?

Asian Homes employee Girlie said that top three family buys from their store are television, airconditioner and stereo- component.

She added refrigerator is also On top of the list.

"They are into more luxurious buys, usually they would buy bigger television," she said.

She said that some buyers also wanted to change their TV sets as a treat to themselves.

Girlie said that they also on sale during Christmas, and this is also happening not only in their store but all stores in malls citywide.

As to furniture, a mall staff also observed that families nowadays usually value convenience and usually buy multi-purpose furniture like foldable beds, or those seats which can also become an organizer.

A working mom, Bonifacia Ponce said that she observed that family buys home furniture, sala set, dining set, bedroom set, and appliances-- those which are used daily.

She said that those things like furniture and appliances get lesser shelf life day by day so its quality degrade over time, hence they need replacement.

She said the "family buys" during Christmas season still depend on the needs of the family and their financial capacity.