Monday , June 25, 2018

When children are exposed to drugs

I GREW up in a slum area of Davao where children are exposed to illegal activities.

Children can easily adapt what they see and what they hear. Thus, most of them are introduced to drug use by the community they are in.

City Anti-drug Abuse Council Action Office Michael Denton Aportadera, in an interview, said based on their Tara Na (Tabangan ang Atong Reformist Aron Naay Asenso) program, children are enticed to participate in illegal drug activities because of poverty and other environmental influences.

Children of reformists are prone to getting involved in drug use due to the environment they grew up in, he said.

In their bid to protect children from getting involved in drugs, the local government unit of Davao City, through the City Social Services Development Office (CSSDO), on November 6, 2017, launched the 25th Children's Month with the theme "Bata: Iligtas sa Droga.” The theme is line with President Rodrigo R. Duterte's campaign against illegal drugs.

The organizers said this year's theme is an eye-opener for all to be aware of the danger drug abuse can bring to the young generation.

The event is also aimed to call parents and concerned citizens to take action in protecting children from illegal drugs.