Saturday , June 23, 2018

Crime volume in Davao Region down

THE Police Regional Office (PRO)-Davao reported that crime volume in the region dropped by 23.6 percent from January to October this year to 16,744 from 21,936 in the same period last year.

Based on the data presented by the Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division during the command conference held last November 8, crimes under the jurisdiction of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) went down to 6,716 this year from 9,032 last year.

The Davao del Sur Police Provincial Office (DSPPO) recorded 3,232 crimes from January to October this year from 4,157 last year; Davao del Norte PPO (DNPPO) was down to 3,989 from 5,032; Compostela Valley PPO (DVPPO) decreased to 756 from 1,012; Davao Oriental PPO (Doppo) was down to 1,736 from 2,129; and Davao Occidental PPO (Docppo) recorded only 315 crimes from 563.

The murder monthly crime trend for this year has also gone down to 596 from January to October this year from 625 last year. DCPO registered only 103 murders this year from last year’s 136; DSPPO recorded 67 from 75; CVPP noted 148 murders from 171; and oppo only recorded 54 from 104. However, Docppo and DNPPO noted an increase in murders with DNPPO registering 203 this year from 125 last year while Docppo noted 21 from 16.

It was also recorded that homicide cases in the region have increase this year to 130 from 88 last year. Homicide cases recorded by DSPPO increased to 21 from 10; DNPPO to 26 from 22; CVPPO to 20 from 15; DOPPO to 32 from 22; and Docppo to 15 from 3. Meanwhile, there were no changes for the number of homicide cases recorded by DCPO as it remained at 16 for 2016 and 2017.

Rape cases in the region have also increased to 470 from 452 last year.

The DCPO recorded the most number of rape cases at 191 but this was lower from the 198 cases last year. DSPPO recorded 70 cases from 68; DNPPO has 89 from 61; and DOPPO recorded 68 cases from 51. Rape cases within the jurisdiction of CVPPO dropped to 38 from 60 while Docppo reported the same figures for 2016 and 2017 at 14 cases.

Meanwhile, robbery cases from January to October this year dropped to 661 from 919 cases in the same period in 2016. DCPO noted the largest drop in robbery cases at 181 as compared to the previous year’s 303. DSPPO noted 116 cases from 140; DNPPO noted 237 from 359; CVPPO has 34 from 38; and DOcPPO recorded 19 from 27. However, Doppo noted an increase in robbery cases from 52 last year to 74 this year.

Meanwhile, DCPO spokesperson Police Senior Inspector Ma. Teresita Gaspan said the success of their efforts in Davao City is attributed to the implementation of their anti-criminality campaign dubbed as Oplan Integrated Revitalized Operation of Neighborhood-Watch for the Mega City (Iron City) which is enhanced Police Integrated Patrol System (PIPS).

“The significant drop in the City's crime rate obviously felt amid the intensified pindown and arrest of drug personalities and other persons involved in series of afflictive and punitive crimes,” she said.

They have strengthened their police patrol and police visibility all over the city to deter crimes and for prompt response to reported crimes.

“All necessary police interventions were undertaken such as the maximum deployment of police personnel in all public places of convergence through static post, foot, bike, mobile and combat patrol,” she added.

Aside from that are the intensified conduct of both offensive and defensive operations and the incessant and aggressive initiated campaign on anti-criminality operations such as "Oplan Bulabog, Oplan Lambat Bitag" (road clearing); illegal drugs, illegal gambling, and other simple violations.

“Worthy to note also is our relentless information operations through the access of social media and other police community relations activity down the line greatly help increase public awareness on matters relating to crime prevention, public safety and law enforcement,” Gaspan said.