Monday , June 25, 2018

AFP: NPA's apology on killing infant chided for its lies

THE Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) slammed the recent apology of the communist group on the death of a four-month old baby as the rebels vowed to make amend through "indemnification" for the family of the victim.

"The 403rd Infantry Brigade condemns the NPA and its leadership for spreading lies and lame words in its bid to correct its lawlessness and banditry when it staged an ambush against personnel of Amai Manabilang Municipal Police station," Captain Norman Tagros, Civil Military Operation (CMO) Officer of 403rd IB said in a statement. Tagros said the apology was full of lies.

Tagros pointed out that the statement carries a fictitious name, Malem Mabini. Aside from this, the rebels claimed there were two civilian vehicles tailing the PNP patrol car, which they flagged down so that the civilians will not be hurt. Contrary to the rebels' claims, there was only one vehicle which is the Toyota Fortuner with civilians on board tailing the PNP patrol car. The Toyota was not also flagged down according to Tagros because if so, the driver would have stopped the vehicle upon seeing the armed men along Cagayan de Oro-Dominorog-Kalilangan road.

"The NPA's statement further pointed out that the incident was ‘a painful occurrence which was unforeseen.’ It was indeed painful for nothing would ever be agonizing than to lose a life of an innocent child, an infant, in the hands of rabid rascals who cannot contain their itch to fire their weapons at even the innocent civilians," he said.

Tagros said the incident would not have happened if the NPA did not conduct their "ill-motivated armed struggle" that has breached the agreement of both government called the Comprehensive Agreement on the Respect for the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), as the military also vowed to continue their offensives and effort against the rebels to protect the communities against their planned attacks.

"The NPA's fallacious statements, their attempt to indemnify the victims of their banditry, and their appeal for forgiveness only add insult to injury. Unless justice is brought upon the perpetrators, the 403rd Infantry Brigade will not cease from going after these bandits. More so, it will continue to perform its mandate of protecting our people and securing the communities within its area. Finally, to all those who continue to support the NPA, you have blood in your hands," Tagros said.

The New People's Army (NPA) on Wednesday apologized for the death of the infant as rebels ambushed a police vehicle in Talakag, Bukidnon. NPA spokesperson Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos said in the statement that they will "take full responsibility" on the recent attack of one of their NPA unit that led to death of the four-month-old baby and injured two adult civilians last Monday, November 11.

"We hope that the aggrieved families and friends could find it in their hearts, however difficult, to accept our profound apologies. The local NPA unit is already exerting efforts to make amends including extending necessary indemnification," Madlos said.

Madlos added that the NPA command have coordinated to investigate the incident and correct the mistake they made as to avoid similar incident in the future.