Saturday , June 23, 2018

Caparas willing to make Visayan film

MOVIES. Is there even a slim chance for the eventual resurrection of the Cebuano/Visayan movie industry? To me, yes there is—with the assurance from noted film director Carlo J. Caparas, whose late wife Donna Villa was from Lapu-Lapu City. “I am willing to make Cebuano/Visayan movies in memory of Donna,” Caparas told me. While he is from Luzon, he has decided to consider himself a Cebuano by heart.

APPEAL. I now appeal to interested investors to help Caparas produce his first Cebuano/Visayan flick. I understand that he and his daughter Peach will be a tandem in directing their planned first local film. Caparas is guiding her in the directorial field.

ACHIEVABLE. The dream to revive the local movie industry is achievable, but those moneyed individuals should also help. To me, their fear of losing money heavily if they invest in films is unfounded. Even in Luzon, there are several Cebuano/Visayan speaking areas that are interested to watch non-Tagalog productions.

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