Wednesday , June 20, 2018

Food for the Soul

ART is food for the soul. Although different from those we ingest through our mouths, art is appreciated by the mind through our senses. It resonates through our hearts, in turn nourishing our souls. It reaches deep, it sheds light in the nooks and crannies of our being we never even knew existed.

On the corner of Avelino Morales St., just a slight deviation from the main road of N. Escario St., is a restaurant. This restaurant is known well by its patrons and goes by the name of Cocina de la Casa, which means “The Kitchen at Home.” By its name, it hopes to receive guests and make them feel as if they are home. Receiving home-cooked meals made with warmth and love, guests will feel as if they are being served with food straight from their own kitchen.

Inside, one is welcomed by the homey ambiance of this quaint yet classy two-story rendezvous with neatly painted walls and stained glass as windows. As they step inside the door, guests will fall in love at first sight.

The restaurant’s menu is highly focused on heritage cuisine, specifically Cebuano recipes passed on from one generation to another with best sellers such as Pork Belly Chicharon, Humba, Dugo-Dugo and their well-loved House Special Callos. However, there are also other types of cuisine which can be found on their menu namely, Vietnamese, Italian, Mediterranean, Thai and Malaysian as the menu itself serves as a collation of the travels of those who nurtured the restaurant. However it also says that no matter how far we Cebuanos get, we will always come back to our beloved home.

Then there are the paintings adorning the walls of this beautiful restaurant. Intriguing the sense of sight, customers ingest their food sensibly whilst appreciating local talent by admiring and internalizing artworks which decorate the wall of Cocina de la Casa. Artists like Gigi Ocampo, Lester Amacio, Jeffrey Sisican, Rick Hernandez, Sio Montera, Gary Custodio, Javy Villacin and many more have their artworks displayed on the walls of Cocina de la Casa making dining a more sensory experience. With these artworks straight from Qube Gallery, eating in Cocina de la Casa nourishes not only the mind but also the soul.

By December this year, an exhibit will be held inside Cocina de la Casa featuring the paintings of the late Ondo Alcoseba to commemorate his contributions in the art industry.

With all of this, the restaurant simply hopes to participate in encouraging Cebuano talent by making guests appreciate the wonderful and irreplaceable Cebuano heritage.