Friday , May 25, 2018

Alvarez: ‘Till my heartaches end

THERE is only one thing in a relationship that makes a dream impossible to achieve and that is the dream to be with somebody who once has loved you but said goodbye because he has found another love.

Funny, but many people believe that saying goodbye is just another way to say “I love you”, but it does not happen all the time. Because most relationships ended because one is no longer happy with her or his partner. That no matter how one wants to save the relationship, it can no longer be fixed - the broken promises of forever, the pain, and the heart that continues to dream of reconciliation when everything has ended.

The truth is that sometimes, we are left dreaming of lost love to come back just like the song “Till my heartaches end” which came into surface again after KZ Tandingan released her soulful rendition. Let me expound and share you the thoughts of its lyrics.

“I recall when you said that you would never leave me. You told me more, so much more like when the time you whispered in my ear. There was heaven in my heart. I remember when you said that you'd be here forever”

I guess we have to understand that when our loved one promises us with forever, it was actually true on the day he or she whispered it, but it is not a guarantee that it will last until tomorrow or on the next day. Life changes moment by moment, if our thoughts can change, hearts can also change. Because the heart can never lie and only the heart can finally choose to whom to stay or not to stay.

“Then you left without even saying that you're leaving. I was hurt and it really won't be easy to forget yesterday. And I pray that you would stay. But then you're gone and, oh, so far away”

People sometimes leave without saying goodbye. There can be so many reasons, it could be a change of heart, or due to career or maybe because he believes you deserve someone better. Some would opt to just disappear without a word because they don’t want to see the eyes of the person they are going to leave behind. Even prayers would not answer you because God also knows the person you deserve.

“I was afraid this time would come. I wasn't prepared to face this kind of hurtin' from within. I have learned to live my life beside you”

The most hurting is to begin a life without the person who becomes your life. You will live every day bringing the pain with too many questions of “why’s”. You can’t just get up from bed because he or she is no longer there to wake you up. You can’t sleep because he or she is not around to kiss you or text you goodnight.

“Maybe I'll just dream of you tonight. And if in my dream you'll come and touch me once again, I'll just keep on dreaming until my heartaches end.”

And this feeling is like hell. When you can only hold the person you once had only in your dreams. You would rather sleep all day dreaming of him or her to come back. And that even after years that you have finally understood why things had to happen that way, causing you much pain, the mere understanding of it did not chase away the pain - it did not wash away the dust that hurts your eyes.

Ahh... The truth is that sometimes, the only person to mend your broken soul is the one that broke, for they are the one holding all the pieces. And hey, you can dream every day of her or him beside you, but it is your desire of that temporary joy or illusion that causes your broken heart not to mend!

So, stop dreaming of impossible love. Wake up and move on.