Wednesday , June 20, 2018

Cebu mayor: City might back Angkas

CEBU City Mayor Tomas Osmeña wants to take the management and operation of motorcycle-hailing application Angkas under the City Government’s wing.

In his news conference, Osmeña said this is his response to all the appeals from students and workers to let the motorcycle ride-booking transportation service continue its operations in the city.

“I received a lot of requests about people being disturbed by the dismantling of Angkas, saying how valuable it is in addressing their problems in transportation. They’re asking me to do something about it. I agree that Angkas has been providing real service to ordinary Cebuanos,” he said.

The mayor is planning to hire Angkas’s consultation and management services.

This would mean that the partner-motorcycle drivers would no longer have to remit 20 percent of their earnings to Angkas, as the City Government will be shouldering the expenses.

The City will also not take commissions from the drivers’ daily income as this will be part of public service, Osmeña said.

The proposed transportation program, though, will not be made exclusive to the existing more than 2,000 registered partner-drivers of Angkas.

Osmeña said that once finalized, he wants the program expanded to accommodate whoever wish to join, particularly drivers of motorcycle taxis.

He said that since motorcycle taxis are considered “colorum,” they don’t have terminals, making them one of the major contributors of traffic congestion in the city.

Once adopted by the City Government, partner-drivers of Angkas will have to undergo more training and seminars to ensure the riding public’s safety.

“The fact is that the national government failed to address the transportation sector. The City Government will pay their (Angkas’s consultancy) services so that one day, when the government might legalize it, they don’t have to restructure and reform. We will give it back to them,” Osmeña said.

As soon as the management of Angkas can submit a proposal to City Hall, he said he will immediately consider it as an emergency program to cater to constituents who are affected by heavy traffic.

The mayor, though, has yet to met with the management and discuss in detail his plans.

In a separate interview, Delfin Alfonso, chief of the Two-Wheeled Motorized Vehicle Monitoring, Coordination and Assistance Unit, welcomed Osmeña’s pronouncement as a good development.

“It’s good because it will not only regulate, but also organize the members. It will also stop motorcycle taxi drivers from imposing overpriced fare rates to some unsuspecting passengers because they will be monitored by the City,” he said.

Since Angkas was officially shut down last Saturday, four of its partner-drivers in the city have been apprehended by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board 7. Their motorcycles were impounded and they will also have to pay a fine of around P6,000. (RTF)