Wednesday , June 20, 2018

Motoomull: New beginnings

WE WILL be celebrating Christmas day thirty three days from now. And equally important, we will be celebrating thirty nine days from now “New Year 2018.” Thus, if due to one reason or another, some of us become moody or temperamental, we do not let ourselves be robbed of hope in new beginnings.

The best thing about leaving behind 2017 is the promise of new beginnings in “New Year 2018.” To hope or to want something to happen and think, feel, act that it is possible springs eternal. All hopes come from God. And the more prayerful we get, the more hopeful we become. In the face of conflict or difficult situation, we find comfort in the prospect of the love of God seeing us through.

There’s no harm in entertaining positive thoughts, good vibes and wonderful dreams for the “New Year 2018,” is there? They’re like listing down New Year’s resolutions that end up unresolved sometimes at the end of every year. Psychics say a positive attitude is the best tool against a spate of bad luck.

The perpetual optimist in us sees a door opening. It closes one and opens another. It leads to a much more beautiful place. Some people call it wishful thinking or daydreaming. With Year 2017 out of the way, it can even be charged to another superstitious belief.

Remember how sleep can ease the pain of a difficult day? Tomorrow is another day runs parallel to an old saying, time heals all wounds. I realized and I supposed you also that we get hurt by betrayal, rejection, conflict, an ugly word at home or anywhere thrown our way. Then we find comfort in venting our heart’s pain to a friend. But haven’t we realized that the greater healer is setting aside our pain and getting some sleep? We wake up to discover that the pain has gradually eased. Every day, as we sleep away our sorrow, the pain it has inflicted follows a diminishing pattern.

And so it happens that one day, without any warning, we realize that the pain is no longer there. Why? Because tomorrow has become another day.

I will miss you this December 2017; hope you miss me too. I need your prayers that I have a successful right eye cataract operation. I will be back with my write-up column on January 2018, every second Wednesday and fourth Wednesday of the month thereon.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!