Saturday , May 26, 2018

Circle the world with ‘themed nights’

H Cafe in Harolds Hotel has whipped up new themes for its popular and flavorful themed nights. This time, not only will these make one’s stomach full, it will make one’s Insta-stories more popular than ever with picture perfect cuisines that get their inspiration from all over the world.

On Mondays, the theme Spiced Up Asia features dishes like the flavorful Thai spiced roasted chicken, beef rendang, Korean braised pork belly and laksa noodle soup. One can end a meal with the interesting wasabi cheesecake and mango-yema cake. Tuesdays is all about comfort food, beloved classic dishes. With a theme of Tasty Classics, Tuesday nights will be full of Waldorf salads and chicken sliders for starters. Herb crusted pork loin, creamy Tuscan chicken, Mongolian stir fry noodles and various desserts round up the rest of the night.

Wednesdays have two themes. The first: Great Woks of China. Chinese dishes like the steamed stuffed shrimp en shooters, Chinese beef steak, Dongpo Pork, Hokkien fried fish and green tea opera cake are available. Then there’s The Millennials Choice: picture perfect healthy gourmet food will dominate the buffet: Pate de jambon, burnt coconut chicken, pasta longanisa, chocolate strawberry mint entremet and black forest cheesecake.

Roasted food will dominate the buffet table on Fridays. Curried potato leek soup will be available before beginning with the heavy delights: Savory and sweet Montreal slow roasted beef, and roasted turkey paired with some sweet golden corn cob on the side. Saturdays are about Nouvelle Pinoy Flavors.

Saturday nights feature well-loved Filipino food with a twist such as the oven-baked goat caldereta, sinampalukan lechon pork belly and roasted chicken halang-halang. Lumpia samosa in curried mango dip, beer balsamic adobo and Bicol express pinauga will make the experience complete.

Each night comes with limitless mocktail drinks.