Thursday , May 24, 2018

Spreading the love this Christmas

THE singers started to hit the first note and the crowd owned the spotlight with their dancing stints as if no one was watching. The singers continued and the audience jumped with joy, as if their knees are not spared from aches, and their backs, not crippled with the signs of old age.

Spreading love this Christmas and cheering up the grannies of St. Vincent’s Home for the Aged were the missions of the members of Negrense band, Kulay Pikata. They accomplished it early on, as the elderly residents never hesitated to show their appreciation to Kulay's mostly Filipino line up through cheers, hugs, and blowing kisses to the performers.

The small room was filled with outpouring emotions, both from the crowd and the young once. You can hear them cheer for one another and sing along to Christmas medleys, which, according to one, has allowed him to recall his fondest memories of his younger years.

Truly, a fitting day to embrace the Christmas spirit with a group of people who remind us to take things slower than usual. To be with a generation of old people is a great time to learn and unlearn. And for that, Kulay Pikata has earned back their efforts through the moving stories about love, time and family told to them.

Kulay Pikata has registered a three decade history of spectacular performances in Negros. Being true advocates of local culture and champions of Original Filipino Music, they have touched and inspired many young artists to follow the trail that they have blazed. It was such a delight to see them enjoy as if it was the group's debut performance.

"We do, what we do, because it allows us to share the blessings of music to people who needs inspiration," shared singer, ministry leader and philantrophist Joel Teodoro.

The artist thinks of his gift as a great way to build up people from their pain and loneliness. Truly a remarkable volunteer, performer and artist, he is making sure to devote his life in inspiring people from all walks of life to pursue their passion and drive for service.

Kulay Pikata was derived from the words “Kulay” meaning color, “Pi” for piesa and “Kata” for kanta or song. A fitting composition for a group who strives to make music as a resolution for conflict, confidence building and inspire change in communities in the province.

It was in 1989 that the first 16 members of the group were introduced as new ambassadors of music. Three decades and after shifts in focus and reinvention, the group remains active and on top of their game with many locally produced songs topping hit charts and countdowns, a great indicator of the kind of acceptance many Negrense homes have for the group.

Today, Kulay continues with their advocacy to serve various ministries, lending their voices to the poor to stand out, feel good and exposing others with their own personal treasures.

Another concert is slated on December 23 together with Global Help Foundation, this time, devoted for the children of Holy Infant's.