Sunday , May 27, 2018

Bautista: Our win

BEFORE this, I have never known him.

All of a sudden, he is suddenly assigned in the Cordilleras. Now where is he near one. I would have some bias for someone from here, the Cordilleras. He is nowhere near. Maybe being a graduate of PMA and that is just it. Really.

I will attend a conference in Camp Crame to be judged as to how Cordillera Police will fair among the rest. I am asked to attend to hopefully lend support or just be biased and protect Camp Dangwa.
Being a former Mayor to Baguio I have always been biased with my police. Today I am Father not to Baguio and the police but to that of the whole region. I am even more biased.

A sort of exam and evaluation of the regional police is at stake. Under Magalong the highest award is given. Then under Nerez we are short of an inch and we come second. Today for the third we hope for the best.
I have won the Best Advisory Council in the Philippines. Not easy. But yes. Taking charge for this is always the Deputy Regional Director for Operations. He is the chairman for the Technical Working Group (TWG) for all this.

This time and with all at stake it is a police officer named R'win, yes his real name. R'win.

He is from PMA Class of 88. I heard he is married to Pia Hontiveros of CNN. Just that. I will confirm if it is true. If true, I will surely make fun of him and call him Mr. Hontiveros. Haha.

He had just finished his tour of duty in China, being the Police Attaché. He is well rounded. Speaks Mandarin, well connected and surely a candidate for a Star Rank. Anytime soon I'm sure. Just the formality of it.

Well back to the work we are supposed to do. We hope that Camp Dangwa will again take the highest, the Gold Eagle. I am confident we will.
Among the panel to test us is a certain Atty. de Lima. Intimidating lady. Another is a a Remmy Rikken, a former Cabinet Secretary is also present, plus a NAPOLCOM bigwig named Grace is also here and some MEDIA Rep and the compulsory Police Generals from the PNP. We are intimidated with R'win.

After the presentation I know we WIN!

Definitely our win. The panelist can't help but mention we WIN! Not formally as it still has to be collaborated and discussed. Still, we have more than met their expectations. The panelists are so impressed. In fact they mentioned that they would pity the next after us. A perfect score to them is what it seems. We are elated.

During the question and answer, I couldn't help but supplement the praises given. I too am impressed. No way will we get second from all this. First it will be. Only.

I am happy for R'win. Our win. He has been the force to take us there. The Secretariat under him has been more than excellent. Gold is an understatement for all their work. Platinum it should be.

I'm being biased once more.

R'win is now busy with a tribute for a brother, the Speaker, Pantaleon Alvarez. He is also a brother of Class 88. I won't say a thing as he has been a brother since 2000. Even before being the Speaker.
R'win is concise. Be there at 6. Dark Coat. Dark Pants. Dark shoes. Barong ok, but with dark pants and shoes. Even for the celebrant a time is given. No stone left unturned.

I am honored to be with Class 88. I will comply with all this. A dark coat, dark pants and shoes. Honored to just be part of it all. I am no one. Until R'win.

He has sponsored me to be a part of all this. My Kuya. We now are friends. We find time to socialize and play golf. But before all this who cared. I have known so many ahead of him. People in higher places.
R'win is something. Without me knowing he will suddenly tell me that there is something. I am suddenly a part of Class 88. Not one will object to me being one of them. All because it is R'win.

The test we had in Camp Crame gets all the passing marks. R'win is surely happy. But he will not show it. He has a job to do and that is all that he will think of and take care of. All the others... Not relevant.

Our Win is R'win!