Thursday , May 24, 2018

Hotels, event venues in Davao City 80% booked

HOTELS and other venues for events in Davao City for December are already 80 percent booked, an official of the Davao Event Suppliers Association (Desa) said Monday, December 4.

Desa president Elinor Marcelino said several events like weddings and Christmas and company parties are already booked in different hotels, convention centers, and clubhouses in the city.

“Although it’s not too late to book, but chances are they are going to put you as second priority because they also have other bookings for that day,” he said.

She added the ideal timeline to book events is six to 12 months earlier in order to get a good supplier at a good rate and to properly lay down monthly budgets especially if the event is as big as a wedding. Booking several months earlier can also help minimize conflict with event schedules, reception and church venues, and other unexpected