Saturday , May 26, 2018

Christmas make-up tips

HELLO December!

This month is the not only the month for holiday shopping but also the month of endless Christmas parties. Other than choosing the right outfit, choosing the right make-up look is also important to wrap up that look.

For this week’s column, I will be sharing some make-up tips/make-up look ideas to get you party ready this month.


Go smoky – if you’re going to a formal event or a company Christmas party which is mostly held at night, going for that smokey eye look is for you. Blending is key to achieving that perfect smokey eye look so don’t be afraid of trying some dark eye shadow shades. Start from applying the dark shade on your outer crease blending your way inwards and add another lighter shade in the middle lid and top it off with a shimmery shade in the inner lid.

Go light (and bright) – not into darker shades? Or if you’re going to a casual party then you can opt for bright and shimmery eye shadow shades like rose gold and pinks. This eye look will instantly bring you that girly glow. You can also add some wing eyeliner to level up your look!

Go natural – this look is perfect for those who will be out to meet some friends or those who just wants that simple look. All you need for this look is a matte brown eye shadow (or a subtle shimmery one if you like) and just blend away. Apply some brown eyeliner to emphasize your eyes better without looking too made-up. (Trivia: brown eyeliner is known to be more flattering/better for Asian eyes than black eyeliner)


Contour – Chisel or emphasize your cheeks and jaw line by adding some contour. You can choose between using a powder or cream contour. Go slow and keep on blending to achieve that perfect contoured face.

Also, make sure to choose your contour shade wisely. A pro tip I have learned from reading and watching beauty gurus is to find your undertone and doing a vein check on your forearm is the quickest and easiest way: green veins - warm undertone, blue veins – cool undertone and if your veins’ color is somewhat a mix of blue and green then you probably have a neutral undertone.

Blush – You can choose between a shimmery pinkish/orangey shade and that natural blush look by using a cream blush/cheek tint.

Highlight – Top off your look by giving yourself some glow that’s blinding! Highlighting may not be for everyone but other than emphasizing the high points of your cheeks, this can also be applied to your nose bridge area for that “tangos” effect and Cupid ’s bow to make your lip look bigger.


Classic red – If you don’t know what lippie color to wear, go red. Red instantly makes you look more made up even without eye make-up. Find your perfect shade by swatching it on your wrist because just like what I mentioned earlier just like contour shades, it varies from different undertones.

Bold colors – Go for bold lip shades like plum or violet. Make sure to exfoliate your lips before applying especially if you’re using a matte lipstick to avoid creasing.

Nude ­ This lippie shade is a perfect complement for your smokey eye look or something to cap-off your natural look for your next party.

Last tip for this week: when doing your make-up, the basic rule is not to overdo it and just choose in emphasizing either the eyes or the lips if you’re not going for the natural look. Also, just have fun because learning to put on make-up is truly a learning process especially perfecting that winged liner!

Until next week!


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