Thursday , May 24, 2018

A.I. to man city traffic soon

MOTORISTS tend to follow traffic rules whenever there is a traffic enforcer in the area, but violate them once the enforcer is out of sight. In Mandaue City, it would not be the case.

The City Government has installed the Intelligence Transport System, a real-time monitoring system from South Korea, that can easily detect vehicles that overspeed, park illegally, counterflow, make illegal turns, among others.

Glenn Antigua, chief for operations of the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team), said a closed-circuit television camera of the ITS was installed last Tuesday in Barangay Maguikay, specifically at the vertical clearance located before the Maguikay flyover. Another one was placed on the Team’s mobile unit.

The ITS will register the traffic violations and the vehicle involved. The system will immediately send photos and data of the license plate of the vehicle to the Land Transportation Office.

 “Dako kaayo ning advantage kay maka-traffic count pud ni siya (The system has big advantage because it can also do traffic count),” said Antigua.

The technology, initially used by the City Government for free, is provided by a South Korean company.

Mayor Gabriel Luis Quisumbing said this real-time monitoring system will be tried for three months.

“If proven to be effective, we will be purchasing systems for 12 major intersections and three mobile units,” said the mayor.

Aside from its capability to register traffic violations, ITS has a “license plate recognition” that can help the police immediately flag down vehicles during hot pursuit operations.

Even stolen vehicles can be located.

The plate number of the stolen vehicle will be filed in the system. The system alarms if the mobile unit of Team captures the plate number of a moving vehicle that has been reported stolen.

“(ITS has a) facial recognition in conjunction with PNP, NBI etc. that will flag wanted persons that have passed the cameras,” the mayor said. (FMG)