Wednesday , May 23, 2018

5 fun, timely Christmas party themes

ASIDE from the fact that everyone will be celebrating the birth of our Savior, Christmas is also a time when everyone gets together for fun parties exchanging gifts, decorating the house, preparing food for Christmas eve, playing games and so much more. But of course, a fun party needs a fun theme to promote the spirit of fellowship.

Here are five fun and timely themes which should get everyone into the holiday spirit:

Christmas ala “Coco”

Sure, the full-length animated film by Pixar and Disney focuses on the Mexican Holiday of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) but underlying themes are about the gift of family, the challenges of dreams, fun festivities and heartfelt music which are elements of a fun and memorable Christmas party. As Miguel said in the movie, “We may have our differences. But nothing’s more important than family.” Ask everyone to prepare a song number and prepare for a whole night of music and laughter.

Global Christmas

This jolly season is celebrated around the world. Take everyone to a trip around the world with an international-themed Christmas party. Prepare a dish or two inspired by each country and ask everyone to choose a country he wants to represent. Decorate the venue inspired by Christmas decor found around the world.

Throwback ‘90s

Bring back those good old Christmas memories with the whole family by dancing to the “Macarena,” making snow out of vinegar and Perla laundry soap, pinning one’s hair with butterfly hair clips ala celebrity Jolina Magdangal, playing classic games such as “Trip To Jerusalem,” “Statue Dance” and “Simon Says,” just like the old times. One would surely have a fun-filled Christmas party and an after-party reminiscing about the Christmas parties one had during childhood days.

Master Chef (Christmas Edition)

Prepare the Noche Buena with a twist by asking everyone to channel his inner Gordon Ramsay and cook his specialty. Prepare each dish ala Master Chef; ask each to discuss what he is preparing over dinner and announce the best dish after to get awarded.

Winter Wonderland

There’s something magical about a white Christmas that every child wants to experience. Since Cebu won’t experience snow, opt for a white-themed Christmas inspired by snowfall and a cozy winter. Decorate the venue with white wall, cut-out snowflakes, DIY snowman and snow balls to bring the elegance of an all-white themed holiday party. And have everyone dress in his best winter outfit such as gloves, hats, coats and scarves. Make sure the AC’s on at full blast!