Monday , May 28, 2018

AFP seeks probe on NPA attacks

THE Armed Forces of the Philippines is asking the Human Rights Commission to look into the recent attacks by the Communist New People's Army against government troops.

In his visit to the Philippine Military Academy, AFP Chief of Staff General Rey Leonardo Guerrero expressed his call to the commission to conduct similar investigations on attacks done against government forces.

"Definitely, because aside from legitimate military combatants, they have targeted innocent civilians as well to which the Commission on Human Rights must look into this," said Guerrero.

In the Cordillera, two recent encounters with the 24th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army based in the province of Abra were committed by members of the New People's Army.

Guerrero who has been the longest serving General in Mindanao prior to his appointment as AFP Chief is set to apply innovative military strategies to combat the communists groups.

"We have successfully implemented IPSP Bayanihan and we have learned a lot from such experience during that campaign. We will be implementing innovations and adjustments on our campaign plan on development security support plan for peace and with the coming of additional troops and capabilities together with additional support from local executives like in Mindanao, we envision success," said the Guerrero.

The AFP Chief have encouraged the Cadet Corps to be observant on what is happening around them and to not isolate themselves in the four pillars of the academy during their training.

"I think they are more preoccupied with their training and academics rather than what is happening outside but they should have some thoughts and opinion this, let's leave it to them on how to reflect on what is happening around," Guerrero added.