Monday , June 25, 2018

‘DIY’ treats that are ‘TDF’

AS CEBU’s food sphere has grown dramatically, it is only right that businesses up the ante by introducing clever concepts. While the idea of having to build-your-own meal at a restaurant may seem counterintuitive, there have been a number of restaurants offering DIY options as it is an enjoyable experience. Here are some worth checking out in the metro.


This is for the health nuts out there or even those who are slowly easing into a healthier lifestyle. Revolutionizing the approach to fast food, Asia’s largest salad bar chain is now in Cebu. Although SaladStop! has 10 signature salads and wraps, one may also opt to create his own by picking a base (salad, wrap, or quinoa bowl), then the greens, toppings (there are over 60 to choose from!), and dressing. All 18 dressings are gluten-free and made in-house.

Pizza Republic Pick + Mix by Giuseppe Genco

What could possibly be better than pizza that’s served straight out of a brick oven? Getting to customize that pizza, of course! At Pizza Republic, it’s all about what you want on your pizza. No more arguing if this or that ingredient should go on it or not. Simply choose a sauce for your 10-inch pie, and as many toppings as you want from more than 60 different ones. Wait for it to cook before biting into your creation, one satisfying slice at a time.

Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant

They say we eat with our eyes and nose first before eating with our mouth. At Kublai Khan, every bowl is colorful and flavorful. The challenge lies in finding which of the ingredients work together. Whether it’s a check-a-bowl, a one-time-fill, or an “eat-all-you-khan” bowl, it’s all on you! Toppings are aplenty, and there’s a sauce guide for when you’re not sure how to get it right. Filling, interactive, inexpensive, this Mongolian stir-fry place just might have you singing, “This bowl is on fire!”

Everything Yummy

This restaurant is famed for its award-winning ribs and pork chop. Now it’s offering another hit, one that lets you go on an easy cheesy adventure. First, order the Easy Cheesy Burger which comes with two smashed mini beef patties, American cheese, burger sauce and shaved onions. Next, choose your add-ons. These include caramelized onions, bacon, lettuce, fries, barbecue sauce and many more. Last, enjoy your creation which could or could not earn you bragging rights on Instagram or IRL.

Magnum Pleasure Store

Two ice cream flavors, 18 toppings, three Belgian chocolate dips, and 250,000 possible combinations. This is for the ultimate pleasure seekers. Select your Magnum bar of choice; pick up to three premium toppings; dip your ice cream bar in white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate; sprinkle your coated creation with the toppings that have been mixed in a shaker, and drizzle your Magnum with white or dark chocolate. Toppings range from the classic to the adventurous.