Thursday , June 21, 2018

New on the menu: Marco Polo’s Lobby Lounge eats

EVERYBODY’S welcome at the Marco Polo Lobby Lounge. Local or visiting, guest or not, Holiday season or not, everyone can unwind with friends or transact business over a drink or a couple of the house specialties.

Here’s the good news, the hotel’s added new mouth-watering entries to the menu. A before-getting-down-to-business refreshment may just lead to sealing that sought after deal with your client.

“We take pride in the diversity of our cuisines; as we can competitively come up with Western, Cantonese and Filipino dishes in our restaurants. Our regular guests, such as Davao’s local residents; can choose from a wide-array of dishes that are prepared by our culinary team. We have the Lobby Lounge for appetizers and afternoon snacks,” said MPD General Manager Dottie Würgler-Cronin.

The new items on the Lobby Lounge menu are served all day and include light snacks, desserts and beverages.

For casual meetings, I would definitely recommend the Chorizo-Gambas al Ajillo. It makes a perfect pairing for a glass of red or a beer. The Fish and Chips are quite good, too, and for a guilt-free snack try the House Salad and Malagos Cheese Plate.

Family and friends can share the Spicy Beef Nachos, Grilled Sirloin Steak and Malagos Blue Cheese Sandwich-Potato Wedges, Beef Pastrami Sandwich, Hawaiian Pizza, Smoked Salmon Pizza and Ice Cream Trifle Decker.

Chef Alex Destriza promised that the wide range of offerings on the menu makes the Lobby Lounge a perfect destination to relax, relish and revel.

Now that Marco Polo got you to visit the Lobby Lounge with the delicious new offerings, how about doing a little shopping for the business partner, family and friends at the hotel’s Christmas corner.

“Nothing says Christmas like an elegant hamper filled with gourmet treats and fine wines, all beautifully in decorative baskets,” said Pearl Maclang, MPD’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

Marco Polo Davao’s Christmas Hampers make an exquisite gift this holiday season. Choose from a range including Shimmering Bronze Basket, Dazzling Silver Basket at and Shining Gold Basket, all of which are priced affordably.

Find the joy of Christmas in Marco Polo’s festive hampers. Packed in an elegant reusable carry-on faux leather bag in striking red are a bottle of wine, Banana Walnut Bread, Fruit Cake, Trio Malagos Chocolate, Granola Spice, Guava Membrillo, Hand Crafted Pralines, Altheus Tea, Cirio Olive Oil, Imported Herring Fillet and Marco Polo Davao’s Christmas Cookie and Macaroons.

The recipient will surely be excited and happy with both the bag and its contents. That reaction, my friend, is priceless.

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