Monday , June 25, 2018

John Hay slips past Greenwater for Fil B title

CO-HOST Camp John Hay saved its best for the last by outshooting three day leader Greenwaters Meadow 97-89 to take a two shot victory in Fil B in the 68th Department of Tourism Invitational Golf Tournament Friday (Dec. 15) at the Baguio Country Club golf course.

Teener Janjan Dacawi holed out with a 28 to lead CJH’s last day total of 97 an 408 aggregate to beat Greenwaters which limped home with 89 and 406 total.

Jeong Sek Jun, Monet Garcia and Miggs Garia counted for CJH with 24, 23 and 22 points, in that order despite the 20 of Shean Bedi which did not count.

Douglas Puckett top scored for Greenwaters with 29 points. Gary and John Paul Puckett had 22 and 20, respectively, while Winnie Oppod chipped in 18 and counted for the team.

Baguio Country Club closed with 88 and 395 total to place third. Former Baguio councilor led the team with 24, Philex Mines Resident Managr Euls Austin made 23, whil Goodie Ignaio and Ely Lagman counted with 21 and 20 points, respectively.

Camp Aguinaldoo was never threatened all throughout as it closed out with 108 and 417 total and a 17 point victory in Am B.

VJ Eugenio led all scorers with 29, Martin Jikian had a 28, Riky Velasco submitted a 26, and Bladimir Arcillas had 25 to count.
San Miguel closed out with 102 for 399 points and second place, while Dugong Bughaw had 98 and 390 total which is good for third place. (PR)