Monday , June 25, 2018

Elders call on saving Cordillera House

ELDERS of the Cordillera Bodong Administration (CBA) and the Cordillera People's Liberation Army (CPLA) have called on the National Government to prevent from obliterating the importance of the Cordillera House which have been a place of historical and sentimental value.

CPLA chairman Mailed Molina said the Cordillera House had a lot of historical memory in the struggle for self determination which have seen the death of several martyrs in the region.

In May of this year, the Office of the President's property inventory team who conducted an ocular inspection allegedly assessed the structure known as the Cordillera House within the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Cordillera Regional Office compound to be weak and dilapidated needing renovation improvement and refurbishment.

"The homegrown native ideology and not the foreign communism ideology has always been discussed by the late Fr. Conrad Balweg and Atty. Nestor Atitiw, Dexte "Ka Suntay" Garado, Former Sadanga mayor Gabino Ganggangan and many more in the Cordillera House paving the way of the development of Cordillera patriots, who always have in their hearts, mind and soul the love for the Cordilleras," Molina explained.

The Cordillera House is set to be torn down to give way for the new multi-storey cottage of the Executive Secretary to have easy access to the Presidential Mansion.

The modern day dap-ay, located in the PIA compound symbolizing the bodong elders and leaders meetings to settle conflicts among tribes and a venue to discuss tribal concerns and come up with a win-win solutions, is also set to be demolished aside from 32 trees to be cut to give way for the construction of the Executive Secretary’s cottage.

"The Cordillera history has been etched in the walls of the Cordillera House with the PIA's effort in constructing a dap-ay which is considered as a sacred place by the people of the Cordilleras," the CPLA head added.

The CBA-CPLA have appealed to the President to maintain the Cordillera House within the PIA compound and have asked that it be a marker on the legacy of the late Fr. Conrado Balweg and as one of the historical sites in the Cordilleras.