Monday , June 25, 2018

Mendoza: PBA opens amid adversity

ONLY pessimists doubted the opening of the country’s greatest basketball show from happening on Sunday.

As I write this, it’s all systems go for the Dec. 17 blast-off of the Philippine Basketball Association’s 43rd season.

The recent revolt of seven of the league’s 12 governors is now history.

But the curtain-raising could have been overrun by this ticklish issue of Chito Narvasa being PBA commissioner despite the seven governors calling for his ouster in October.

Narvasa survived the mutiny by the skin of his teeth, saved by a league rule that says eight votes from the 12-man board are needed to either remove or retain a commissioner.

With the remaining five governors coming to Narvasa’s rescue, the beaten governors, licking their wounds, could only offer a meek fight back by boycotting the league’s Planning Session in Los Angeles nearly two months ago.

Not all of the eight were absent but the absence of some derailed the meeting, reducing the Board mission as a virtual sightseeing trip.

Now, the eight unsuccessful coup plotters are banking on the strength of a contract between the PBA and Narvasa stipulating Narvasa’s tenure as allegedly expiring on Dec. 31.

And, once that takes effect, Narvasa would be out—finally?

And will “Marcial Law” prevail as Willie Marcial, the PBA’s press officer for the longest time, has been touted as the incoming new officer in charge?

No further questions, your honor.

FILAM.Cheers to Batangas Barakos, the team of my Primo Dong Mendoza, for winning the Fil A crown in the just-ended 68th DOT-Fil Am Golf Invitational presented by San Miguel Corp. It was a close fight at the start of the four-day battle until the Barakos pulled away by a whopping 27 points over its chief rival, Surigao, with one round left. Again, both teams were actually spearheaded by two lawmakers—Primo Dong as a former congressman from Batangas and Ace Barbers as an incumbent representative from Surigao. Surely, our legislators also find time to relax and escape from the rigors of energy-sapping Congress work. Primo Dong’s teammates are his brother Jek, Gerald Katigbak, Rudy Amata, Gary Sales and Takuya Kawamura. Mabuhay and, God willing, see your next year!