Tuesday , June 26, 2018

Cocina is Ko'tsi-na

WE HAD just watched "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," and were quite famished. All those war scenes can make you hungry afterwards... stress eating.

Since Imee was going to drop me off at home, we decided to try one of the new restaurants in the neighborhood: Cocina (Ko'tsi-na) along Jacinto Extension going toward the circumferential road. It opened recently and has been tickling my fancy for a week or two now. It's a house converted into a restaurant, and thus looks like a house converted into a restaurant, including the split-level floors and rooms turned into nooks.

Cocina has a good menu, diner type of food with a culinary school flair. I ordered the mushroom with wagyu beef in truffle oil risotto and what in the menu was named "The Bomb". The risotto serving at P180 is expectedly small and had a few thin slices of crisp beef. But it's flavorful, worth a star.

The Bomb is wagyu burger in barbecue and white cheese sauce. It's covered with the sauce, and so you have to use a knife and a form to eat it with. It is served with french fries. It's good, the barbecue sauce added the zing to it, except that... I don't like barbecue sauce on my burger sandwich. I'm the basic ketchup and mustard lick your greasy fingers hamburger type, and so... I asked for mustard. I can almost imagine the chef in the kitchen throwing a major tantrum. But, hey, hamburgers are hamburgers and they deserve ketchup and mustard.

Over-all? Cocina is worth exploring as there are several other food in the menu that is really interesting. Like their wraps were really interesting. Except that it was already getting late and I was still stressed by the battle of the Last Jedi.

A suggestion to the owners though... a printed menu is still the best, because it gives us the chance to drool and fantasize. That tablet the waitress was holding was too impersonal and removes the fun of drooling at the photos on a menu.

Where's Cocina again? It's along Jacinto Extension in the direction of the Circumferential Road. It's right before the new location of Sea Green Cafe.