Tuesday , June 26, 2018

The Yuletide season, to travel or not to travel

SOME travelers like the cold weather so they travel to where winter is, December being the most popular. Why? For obvious reason, it’s when the temperature drops and flush cheeks can be nice on photographs (along with a nice jacket, scarf and leather boots), and for some reason it’s when families get to bond in a foreign land (or sea, since cruise ships are nice Yuletide escapes, too) and celebrate the holidays with fireworks (because it’s banned in Davao).

What’s the luggage like? Think layering. If one needs to bulk up during the cold season expect the luggage to be the same. Double the load if pictorial for social media postings is in the list of priorities.

I have experienced the onset of the Yuletide season in cold places—Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, and spent the holidays in snowy Texas and freezing New York City. The icy weather didn't agree with me. So did fashion. Once I was asked if I changed clothes the entire trip because I was sporting the same jacket in different locations. That was sad. LOL.

Personally, I prefer the warmer temperature, or at least the cool weather of spring and fall. The sweater weather as it’s referred to. Or, summer when the forecast dictates cotton t-shirt and shorts and linen top and drawstring pants. Imagine how many more clothes you can pack and each photo taken will have a different look.

What’s nice about traveling during the Holidays is the festive atmosphere of the destination. It’s nice to see a new place or be at a favorite city and see the elaborate and extravagant decors indoors and outdoors. The thought of what the theme will be on this visit compared to the previous one can add to the excitement. Of course, the decorators won’t disappoint because they have to outdo their theme last year.

In the region, I like how Hong Kong is decorated for the holidays, Harbour City most especially. It’s probably the most anticipated, visited and photographed during the season pretty much how C.O.D. in Quezon City or the Coca-Cola plant in Davao City were back in the 70s.

You won’t mind the hot and humid weather of Bangkok when you get to see the Christmas decors. So far the décor of EmQuartier proves to be the most striking in concept and bigger than life proportion. This year’s polar bear theme is fabulous! I have yet to see the other mall outdo this establishment’s Christmas display.

For me, there’s no place like home. We have our share of festive decorations -- the City Hall (which is getting better by the year), the malls and hotels. Davao may lack the holiday splendor in the sky but the smiles on my family’s faces can beat that anytime.

Of course, you can always say family is where home is. Nothing warms the heart better than family no matter what the temperature the thermometer reads.

Where ever you choose to spend the Yuletide season, Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and your family!


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