Tuesday , June 26, 2018

A successful gathering of champions

THIS year’s staging of the 1st Altruists Cup was a great success after gathering numerous champions and future table tennis stars from across the country to display excellence, and exhibit prowess in this sport.

Altruists Table Tennis Association of Bacolod Inc., which spearheaded the undertaking, aims to provide a venue for potential young players to hone and develop their skills to a highly-competitive level for them to compete in the international arena of table tennis.

Emy Rose Dael, UAAP Season 78 Rookie of the Year and UAAP Seasons 78 and 80 Most Valuable Player, shared that being an athlete is not solely about winning games or championships, but about learning.

“The essence of table tennis is the lessons it gives to the players. Lessons that mold people to become better persons not only in sport but in life,” she said.

The Asean 2013 doubles champion added that determination is one of the most important lessons this game taught her.

“Trusting the process of learning and perseverance to get better every day is what makes a good athlete became greater,” she said.

Dael cited basketball star Kevin Durant who said that hardwork beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

“There will always be people who are better than you but that shouldn’t stop you from working hard because they don’t define you as a weak person. Make those people as motivations to try harder and prove them wrong. Believe in yourself. As long as you work hard, you will achieve it,” Dael said.

The young table tennis star also reminded her fellow paddlers not to compare themselves to others.

“This is because neither you have the same struggles. Play your hearts out. You need to think that if you win it, it’s because you deserve it. And, that if you lose, it is part of learning,” she added. (HGD)