Monday , June 25, 2018

‘Goodbye, Cavities’ this New Year

CAVITIES refer to tooth decay which occurs when specific types of bacteria produce acids and destroy the tooth enamel and its underlying layer which is the dentin. To avoid this, it is important to address this so it does not cause more damage over time. Here are some common causes of tooth decay:

Poor Oral Hygiene. Oral hygiene in general refers to the practices used to ensure good health and cleanliness. Not observing proper oral hygiene like regular tooth brushing, flossing, and not brushing the tongue is the quickest way to welcome cavities.

Poor Nutrition. Overconsuming sweet, starchy foods such as cupcakes and donuts can cause tooth decay. When sugar is consumed, it interacts with bacteria inside the plaque to produce acid. This acid is responsible for tooth decay because it slowly dissolves the enamel creating holes on the teeth.

Deep Pits and Fissures. Pits and fissures are deep grooves that make up the chewing surfaces on the teeth. Although these grooves help you chew, food at times gets stuck. Bacterial film starts to form on the teeth if not cleaned regularly. They can be prevented by regularly brushing your teeth. A dentist can also recommend a dental sealant which acts as a barrier protecting the enamel from plaque and acids.

No Regular Checkups with The Dentist. Having a regular checkup with the dentist can help monitor if there are any developing cavities and can help prevent them from developing further. A routine checkup and regular cleaning are musts to maintain good oral hygiene. In SM Seaside City Cebu, there’s the Gan Advanced Osseointegration Clinic (GAOC). Dental surgeon Steve Mark G. Gan D.M.D. together with his highly skilled team of dentists provide gentle, caring and professional care coupled with the most advanced dental equipment and facilities available. (PR)