Tuesday , June 26, 2018

Head in the clouds

KEEP that momentum of good vibes from the holidays going. Disconnect from the hustle and reconnect with nature by going to the mountains. Rehabilitate the mind and recharge for more productive days ahead; go to higher elevations. Committed to bringing a lifetime of adventures for its residents, AboitizLand cultivated the remaining portion of its 257-hectare Foressa Mountain Town. The area called Foressa Trails is an adventure park especially intended for outdoor activities like hiking, biking and camping.

Foressa Trails is located in Cansamoroy, Balamban Cebu which is only about 90 minutes away from the metropolis. It is seven kilometers away from the town of Balamban and 45 kilometers away from Cebu City.

The area provides an organic terrain which remains untouched although already checked and equipped with safety measures for the maximum enjoyment of outdoor junkies. The trail provides an ecologically healthy environment with over 800 species of trees and foliage. While walking the trail, outdoor lovers will be treated to Cansamoroy’s natural assets with trail stops like falls, cascades, butterfly sanctuaries, a natural pool, cave, fern trail, fish pond, echo valley and the Foressa peak.

With the help of Greenstrat Inc., an architectural design, planning and consultancy firm, the trail’s hike and bike zones are developed based on standards set by the International Mountain Bicycling Association and the Trail Classification 3 of U.S. Forest Service.

Foressa Trails has three kinds of trails available to all types of hikers with varying levels of expertise; the “Beginner’s Trail” spans 4.3 kilometers and takes 55 to 80 minutes at most to complete, the “Explorer Trail” is designed to be completed in 120 minutes at most which is a challenge for experienced hikers to take. And for those who crave for a higher level of difficulty, the “Adventurer Trail” awaits which is the total hike trail and measures up to 10.7 kilometers and is estimated to take 135 to 195 minutes at most.

For cycling enthusiasts on the other hand, four bike trails are available. The “White Zone” is a six-kilometer trail perfect for beginners. For a more challenging route the biker may proceed to the “Green Zone” which consists of an eight-kilometer distance. To further the difficulty, one can proceed to the “Blue Zone” which is 15 kilometers long and will take around 150 minutes to complete. If that’s not enough, then the “Black Diamond” biking trail is the one for those craving a challenge as it is designed for advanced riders.

Foressa Trails is now open to the public.