Monday , June 25, 2018

Baguio girl makes it big abroad

A BAGUIO girl has made it big abroad.

Susan Bautista-Lucio has been announced as the newest deputy commander of the Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Puget Sound, Washington.

Lucio previously served as the distribution center’s distribution facilities manager from 2008-2011.

Most recently, Lucio served as deputy commander of the DLA Distribution Sigonella, Italy, a position she assumed in July 2016.

Born in Manila and raised in Baguio, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Saint Louis University and earned her Engineering license in 1992. She holds certifications in Lean Six Sigma and Life Cycle Logistics.

Lucio studied at the University of Baguio for the elementary and high school education.

She joined the Defense Logistics Agency in June 2006 as an information technology technician. She has held a multitude of positions with DLA Distribution, including accountable officer, radiation protection officer and quality assurance officer.

Her civilian awards include the DLA Meritorious Civilian Award and two Superior Civilian Service medals. She was nominated for the Jerry R. Taylor Award and was an instrument in making DLA Distribution Sigonella, Italy Yost Medium Distribution Center of the Year.

DLA has extended its enterprise to 48 states and 28 countries, working hand in hand with military services around the globe.

To oversee expeditionary contracting during combat, post-combat, and contingency operations, DLA formed the Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office in 2009. That same year, DLA began planning the support for the drawdown of equipment and supplies in Iraq.

In 2016, DLA celebrated 55 years of supporting the Armed Forces, and continues to do so today. As America’s combat logistics support agency, the Defense Logistics Agency continues to provide the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, other federal agencies and combined and allied forces with the full spectrum of logistics, acquisition and technical services. Wherever the United States has a significant military presence, DLA is there as well.