Sunday , June 24, 2018

Tax hike set for La Trinidad

THE Municipal Government of La Trinidad is set to fully implement the revised revenue code despite the League of Associations at La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Area Inc.'s plea to defer its implementation.

"Prior to the said implementation, likewise, may we also request your honor to defer its implementation to give way for the dialogue and its probable result," stated in the letter. "We may be writing in behalf of the vegetable stakeholders but perhaps majority of the entrepreneurs in our municipality feel the same way as we do."

La Trinidad last updated its revenue code in 2005 as the 2017 revenue code effective this year contains new business that have been established over the years.

Prior to the updating of the tax code, vegetable dealers pay P8,514 for 2017, with a breakdown of mayors permit (P600), business establishment fee (P200), sanitary fee (P100), garbage fee (P2,500) , zoning fee (P30), and occupation tax (P200).

Under the revised revenue code, a vegetable dealer would pay P2,000 for mayor’s permit, business establishment fee of P500, sanitary fee of P200, garbage fee of P2,750, business plate worth P15, P200 occupational tax, P50 secretary's fee. All in all, the trader would pay P5,715 total regulatory fees and P7,986 license fees for a total of P13,701.

On December 29, a dialogue was set between the officers of the league of associations and the municipal administrator, municipal treasurer and members of the Municipal Council.

During the meeting, the municipal treasurer trimmed the fees for the vegetable sector to P10,237.40. The league of associations is also urging the other business sectors to complaint and asked for adjustments on their part.

Mayor Romeo Salda said they will proceed with the implementation of the revenue code adding they would also continue an information dissemination campaign.

During orientation for the implementation of the new tax code last December 15, Salda said all businessman of La Trinidad should be informed of the revision of the revenue code.

"The revised revenue code was approved by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan," added Salda.

The Commission on Audit in its Annual Audit Records has consistently recommended for the enactment of a revised revenue code of the municipality, the latest of which is date April 27, 2017 which reads "We reiterate the prior year's audit recommendation that the Sangguniang Bayan members fast tract and prioritize the passing and approval of the revised revenue code to increase the municipality's revenue for the benefit of its constituents.”