Sunday , June 24, 2018

Quijano: Cyborg, Taguchi end 2017 with victories

CRIS Cyborg will most probably go down in history as the most accomplished female MMA fighter in history. She has won all the major championships in different MMA organizations and promotions. Her record stands at 21-1 with 16 via the short route.

But at UFC 219, Holly Holm fittingly gave her one of the toughest challenges of her career. Holm came in with a good game-plan and executed it well in the early rounds.

However as with most Cyborg opponents, they are seldom unable to cope with her physicality and grueling pace she grinds out round after round.

At the end of the fight, both fighters were bloodied and battered, but Cyborg showed her superiority and the judges awarded her with a unanimous decision verdict.

THE FIGHT. Cyborg was aggressive from the get-go while Holm was evidently more defensive and patiently looking for openings. She was able to catch a high kick and trip Cyborg but was unable to capitalize. Cyborg landed some leg kicks while Holm scored with some right hands. Good two- way action in the first round.

In the second, both fighters exchange and land. Holm tries to tie up Cyborg against the cage. Cyborg landed some leg kicks again, but Holm was able to land an elbow to the face. Holm lands several right hands.

In the third, both fighters appear to sport bloody noses. Cyborg is still landing with leg kicks and knees to the body and this time, she appears to get the upper hand during clinches. A big right hand from Cyborg to close the round.

In the fourth, Holm lands several left hands, but Cyborg answers with right hands. Holm tries to push back Cyborg towards the fence, but Cyborg lands kicks to the body. Cyborg lands several punches as Holm appears to tire.

In the final round, Holm increases her activity, probably sensing she is down on the cards, but Cyborg lands the more telling blows. Cyborg also consistently scores with her leg kicks. Holms tries to fight back, but Cyborg controls the exchanges.

MILAN. It didn’t go the way Milan Melindo planned but he still did us proud by standing his ground and giving a good account of himself against Ryoichi Taguchi of Japan last Sunday.

It was a fight between two champions and fittingly, the two-way action was quite emblematic of how a unification bout should be.

Milan did well in the first half of the fight, but Ryoichi’s faster hands and superior reach gave Milan problems. He also lost steam in the second half of the fight, allowing the Japanese fighter to feed off from the energy of the crowd and dominate down the stretch.

VERBATIM. “That Dagestani was dog shit the other night you’s are all nuts. Game full of sloppy bums asking to be slept. Pay me my worth and Kings back”

-Conor McGregor on his Twitter account reacting to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s win at UFC 219

LAST ROUND. It’s on a dear friend, Blanche Regual Braun who celebrates her birthday this week. Cheers!