Monday , May 28, 2018

Signature campaign on to speed up probe

STUDENT leaders of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines launched on Wednesday, January 10, a signature campaign to call for a speedy probe in the killing of the USTP president.

After a month since USTP president Dr. Ricardo Rotoras was gunned down, authorities have yet to identify the perpetrators or the mastermind of the assassination.

Morian Paula Atienza, campaign chair and a third-year Electrical Technology Management student, said the activity aims to gather at least 5,000 signatures before they will send it to President Rodrigo Duterte.

As of Thursday, the group has collected about a thousand signatures and the activity has been extended until the weekend.

The signatures will be attached to the letter addressed to Duterte.

Part of the letter reads, "When a remarkable and influential Mr. Rotoras gone, the USTP community and his bereaved family humbly ask your good office to do whatever is necessary for the investigation of the case to be speed up. As a grieving community bring him to justice is the only thing that could bring us into peace with his untimely death. Bringing Dr. Rotoras's death to justice also gives us all hope and faith to our justice system-that there is still justice out there."

"The purpose is to really tackle about it. To really call the attention of the people who can help and as much as possible also full force yung authorities about that. Because he is not just an ordinary man, asset talaga siya sa school namin because he is a good leader."

Atienza said students and faculty members alike are welcome to mark their signatures.

The student leader is hoping that the letter and the signatures from the USTP community can reach the office of Duterte.

"Rest assured na ma-receive ito sa Malacanang,"Atienza said, adding that they are still crying for justice for the loss of the state-run university.