Sunday , June 24, 2018

Tomas fires BMO personnel over solicitation

CHARGES should be filed against some personnel of the Barangay Mayor’s Office (BMO) in Barangay Apas for using the seal of the Cebu City Government and for not having authorization to solicit funds from businessmen, Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella said.

Abella said Barangay Apas should sue those behind the solicitation. He said solicitation is not allowed in government and is tantamount to estafa and swindling.

For his part, Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña said yesterday that he did not authorize the BMO staff of Barangay Apas to solicit funds.

“I have not authorized BMO to solicit anything. Anyone soliciting using the seal of the City of Cebu and in some cases asking about business permits is automatically fired because that’s my policy,” Osmeña told reporters.

He said he immediately fired all those who are involved, including Renato Jardaleza, who delivered the letters to businessmen.

“In our system of justice, you’re innocent until proven guilty. But if you’re appointed by Tomas Osmeña, you’re guilty and fired until you proved your innocence. Let this serve as a warning to everybody,” he said.

Osmeña said he will not tolerate direct or indirect extortion.

He warned that there is a possibility that the BMO in Barangay Apas will be disbanded.

Jardaleza denied the allegation that he threatened the business establishment owners regarding their business permits.

“I was just the one asked to deliver the letters and I am not aware that the use of the City Government logo is illegal because I am not the one who prepared the letter,” he said in Cebuano.

Jardaleza said they haven’t received money yet from the solicitation. Jardaleza said he will follow the orders of Osmeña if he won’t be allowed to work anymore.

Earlier, Barangay Captain Ramil Ayuman raised the matter after he received complaints about the solicitation at the barangay hall. (RVC)