Monday , May 28, 2018

Complainant in business permit fixing backs out

BACOLOD City Executive Assistant Celestino Guara Friday confirmed that the complainant in a business permit fixing case is no longer interested to file charges against the involved job order employee.

Guara, cluster head on peace and order and police matters, said that on January 11, Rosa Maria Torres sent a letter to Executive Assistant Samuel Montoyo, member of Anti-Red Tape Act Core Team, that she willingly withdraws her complaint against Ladelle Motaño, tracker staff of Councilor Ricardo Tan.

In her letter to Montoyo, Torres said that she was the one who personally begged Montaño to do her a favor by instructing the procedure of renewing business permit.

“As a friend, she did so much help by giving me instructions as to what office should I go first and she also encouraged me to come back to her for whatever help she can give, but I left the country and that was the reason why I was not able to process the permit,” she said.

Torres had earlier said that in 2017, she gave P3,000 cash to Montaño to process her permit and in October 2017, she followed up her permit, but Montaño informed her that she lost the P3,000.

Guara said that Montaño is still facing a complaint from a resident of Kabankalan City for alleged failure to process her birth certificate during the time she was assigned at the Civil Registrar’s Office.

He said they are still waiting for the complainant to finalize the complaint against Montaño.

“Torres already back out, but Montaño is still not safe because of the pending complaint against her,” Guara added.

He warned the city employees engaged in fixing of business permits that they could face administrative charges.