Monday , June 18, 2018

Sleep like royalty

GOOD sleep is the secret to better and more productive days. But are people really doing the best they can when it comes to achieving the best sleep?

Dunlopillo has the solution to give one better dreams—in sleep and one to chase right after waking up. Claiming to have a bedding line fit for royalty, Dunlopillo takes on the journey of proving itself by showcasing its most lavish mattress line.

Having been known as the brand which produced the world’s first-ever latex mattress, Dunlopillo has been continually evolving. With that in mind, the brand from the United Kingdom is currently highlighting its newest revolutionary latex innovative technology, its latest collection: The Talasilver Wave.

The newest collection involves electromagnetic waves that heat the bed’s latex layering from the inside, and with its uniformed and open cell structure, the drainage and diffusion of the heat and cold is more efficient. Gone are the days when flipping the pillow from time to time was the answer to a more comfortable rest. With the Talasilver Wave collection, Dunlopillo claims one will finally be able to have his royal moment.

The collection features not only one but four designs: Talasilver Wave Perfection, Talasilver Wave Zenith, Talasilver Wave Fortuna and Talasilver Wave Aries.

The Talasilver Wave Perfection offers its “Triple Fresh feature,” which is the continuous purification process of indoor air diffusing unwanted odor. With this technology, one will definitely have more time resting instead of continually changing the sheets.

The Talasilver Wave Zenith also has its own features to boast and that is its Biorhythmic Sleep feature, which is a ticking technology that disperses vibrational energy to the muscles serving as a stress reliever enabling the body to relax. With this mattress, one can wake up feeling even more refreshed.

The Talasilver Wave Fortuna features unique fast drying and cooling down of its textile known as the Siluran Cooled-Down feature. With this type of mattress, perspiration is transported away from the skin preventing that unpleasant cold feeling.

The Talasilver Wave Aries, which has the Cashmere Protein feature containing super soft and smooth fabric textile, offers unparalleled comfort all throughout the night.

Dunlopillo is on the third level of Ayala Center Cebu.