Wednesday , April 25, 2018

Finally, Tuding's yoghurt atbp.

AFTER several attempts years apart, I finally made it to Bistro ni Tuding along San Pedro Street. It's a long story why it took that long, suffice it to say that each time I was there (years apart), it was closed.

Bistro ni Tuding, through the years it has been operating has made a name for its home-made yoghurt. But since I was 'dating' two millennial professionals, then food must be in the menu.

Mikko got the beef kaldereta with bone marrow, while Nino got the pork curry. Me, I went for pasta... pesto pasta with crab fat.

Let's segue first to the story about that crab fat... I told the waiter, "I want the pasta with aligue, please." And the waiter says the one with aligue is the pork dish. "Eh ano itong pasta with crab fat?" I asked. "Crab fat po yan, ma'am," waiter replies. "Alam mo ba ang aligue at crab fat ay iisa? English lang ang crab fat." And he goes, "Aaaaahhh!" I hope he learned something from me that night. Anyway, back to the food. The pasta was good.
The boys enjoyed their meal, and yes, my aperitif was plain yoghurt. It was thick and yummy, and made me happy. I topped my meal with Buko Sherbet with Coffee Liqueur, Mikko got the Yoghurt with Durian Jam topping, while Nino got the plain yoghurt as well.

It was a quiet meal as we were the only ones there. Bistro ni Tuding is not known to many because of its location.

It's the restaurant of Bahay ni Tuding, a small hotel made from an old house behind Mercury Drug San Pedro. Beside the drug store is a driveway, go in. You will see the house. Enjoy!

P.S.: Our photo in this article is not taken at Bistro. I forgot to snap photos of our dinner and so I just snapped when we were having our coffee somewhere else. P.S.S.: The "Tuding Clan" has a long history in Davao City with their first generation settler Venancia Verano arriving in Davao in 1859, just 11 years after Jose Oyanguren was appointed by the Spanish Government to build a settlement here.