Saturday , May 26, 2018

‘Zombie drugs’ reported in Cebu; Establishments monitored

THE Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)-Central Visayas is monitoring entertainment establishments after receiving report that new dangerous drugs have entered the country.

PDEA-Central Visayas Director Emerson Margate said his agents are investigating to confirm if the dangerous zombie drug are in circulation in Cebu and other parts of the region.

The illegal drug, known as flakka or gravel in the United States and Mexico, has a chemical similar to a key ingredient in bath salts that could be more dangerous than stimulants like cocaine.

A junkie overdosed with the zombie drug can lead to violent behavior, hyperthermia, superhuman strength, and death.

PDEA and police are constant in their intelligence gathering to prevent party drugs from circulating in Central Visayas.

Last week, two businessmen were caught by Police Regional Office-Central Visayas operatives for allegedly selling ecstasy tablets inside a hotel in Mandaue City.

Margate said the party drugs are a hit with the young junkies who often flock to disco bars because these can be mixed with alcoholic drinks.